2018 Year in Review & 2019 StackStorm User Survey

Jan 30, 2019
By Tomaz Muraus

2018 is behind us and first of all we would like to thank all of our users, community members and customers for supporting us and making 2018 a successful year.

In this post we would like to have a look at the various things we have released and important milestones we have reached in 2018.

In addition to that, we would like to ask you to spare 10 minutes of your time by completing the StackStorm 2019 User Survey. Completing the survey will give us a better idea on how you use StackStorm. This will help us prioritize our feature development for 2019, make StackStorm better and help you become more successful.


Ansible StackStorm role v1.0.0 released

Jan 15, 2019
By Eugen C. (@armab)

We’re very excited to announce that Ansible roles to deploy StackStorm have been promoted to major version 1.0.0!


StackStorm v2.9.2 and v2.10.1: A Security Release (CVE-2018-20345)

Dec 20, 2018
By Tomaz Muraus

Today we are announcing the release of StackStorm v2.9.2 and StackStorm v2.10.1.

Those two patch releases fix a security issue which has been reported to us this week by one of our users (Alexandre Juma – thanks!).


Pre-Change Freeze: StackStorm 2.10

Dec 14, 2018
By Lindsay Hill

Thought you could wind down for the change freeze? Sorry, we’ve got one last thing for you to do: Upgrade StackStorm to 2.10! Orquesta is now ready for almost all workflow use-cases. We’ve also done a big update to our ChatOps internals, and we have early-access Ubuntu 18 + Python 3 packages (for test only!). Read on for full details:


Website Updates, Pack Updates

November 27, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

We have been doing a little tidying up around here, giving the website a small facelift. Our contributors have not rested with, with more pack updates including NetBox, PagerDuty, Atlassian Crowd and InfluxDB. Here’s the details:


StackStorm 2.9.1 and Exchange Updates

October 23, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

Late October already – where did the year go? Well at least part of it was spent making StackStorm better, and adding new packs and actions to the StackStorm Exchange. Read on for more details about StackStorm 2.9.1, and pack updates to ManageIQ, Jira, ServiceNow, InfluxDB, vSphere, and more:


StackStorm HA in Kubernetes βeta – Community update

Oct 10, 2018
By Warren Van Winckel and Eugen C.

A couple weeks ago, we released the Helm chart and docker images so you could install StackStorm Enterprise HA cluster in Kubernetes.

Today, we’re glad to announce that the Community free and open source edition of StackStorm HA is now available, too! With this update we are excited to bring Kubernetes powers to the broader community and strive for greater adoption in production with better safety for all important operations you delegate to StackStorm automation engine.

Combined logo


StackStorm Enterprise HA in Kubernetes – βeta

Sep 26, 2018
By Eugen C. and Warren Van Winckel

More groups are progressing from just talking about Event-Driven Automation to actually doing it in practice. StackStorm helps make this easy. When organizations start offloading business-critical tasks and automating for real it becomes essential to ensure that the Automation engine itself is not a single point of failure when it is responsible for recovering a fleet of servers, managing datacenters, and automating remediations.

StackStorm was designed to be cloud-native, API-driven, easily deployed, microservice-oriented, resilient and can be scaled out horizontally to fulfill High Availability and/or High Load demands.

Previously we only documented best practices describing how to distribute StackStorm in HA mode (docs.stackstorm.com/reference/ha.html), giving a high level overview regarding StackStorm design and how to ensure its redundancy. Based on those recommendations, some companies were spending weeks to months to codify a complex st2 HA infrastructure and iterate over their deployments until finding that “silver bullet” stability/production state.

StackStorm HA in K8s and Helm


StackStorm 2.9: K8s, Streaming, Inquiries, Windows

Sep 25, 2018
By Lindsay Hill

New Streaming & Inquiries Apps in the Web UI, Orquesta second beta, Helm Chart for running StackStorm in HA mode on Kubernetes, new Windows runners, and plenty of fixes and improvements: StackStorm 2.9 is ready to go! Here’s all the details:


More Packs, More Fixes

August 17, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

Time for another roundup of recent StackStorm Exchange pack updates. It’s easy to miss the new packs and updates to old ones. This month it’s Bolt, Backups, Slack, Jenkins and more. Read on for details.


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