Event-Driven Automation

StackStorm is a powerful open-source automation platform that wires together all of your apps, services and workflows. It’s extendable, flexible, and built with love for DevOps and ChatOps



Sensors and actions

Sensors and actions are plugins for inbound and outbound integrations. They are easy to author, and existing scripts can be turned to actions just by adding metadata.


Rules are the “if this then that” of StackStorm: they are used to launch actions on various events. Create them in Web UI or import existing ones and configure.


Workflows string together multiple actions: define the order, transitions, conditions, and data transformation. They also provide visibility to execution state and results.


See the detailed action history anytime: actions, triggers, all the parameters and result. Audit becomes the memory of your operations as well as a means to ensure control.

Full power of ChatOps

ChatOps brings automation and collaboration together: you and your team can launch any of your automation workflows with a simple chat message. StackStorm is the first automation platform that natively supports two-way ChatOps integration with your action library.

  • Expose an action to chat with an alias: it only takes a few lines of YAML.
  • Receive chat notifications from action and workflow executions.
  • Comes pre-packaged and easy to configure with a visual installer.
  • Supports Slack, HipChat, IRC, XMPP, IRC and more via Hubot. Err and Lita support is underway.

Meet Brocade Workflow Composer

Powered by StackStorm

Brocade Workflow Composer (BWC) is the commercial version of the StackStorm automation platform. BWC adds priority support, advanced features such as fine-tuned access control, LDAP, and Workflow Designer.

Looking for network lifecycle automation? You can also tap into the growing library of Brocade network automation suites.

Open Source
Brocade Workflow Composer
Sensors and actions
“If this then that” rules
Native ChatOps support
Cross-domain workflows
Web UI
Workflow Designer
Role-based access control
LDAP Integration
Network lifecycle automation DYI
Support Community-based,
best effort
Brocade Essential
24x7 with SLAs