Event-Driven Automation

StackStorm is a powerful open-source automation platform that wires together all of your apps, services and workflows. It’s extendable, flexible, and built with love for DevOps and ChatOps

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Sensors and actions

Sensors and actions are plugins for inbound and outbound integrations. They are easy to author, and existing scripts can be turned to actions just by adding metadata


Workflows string together multiple actions: define the order, transitions, conditions, and data transformation. They also provide visibility to execution state and results


Rules are the “if this then that” of StackStorm: they are used to launch actions on various events. Create them in Web UI or import existing ones and configure


See the detailed action history anytime: actions, triggers, all the parameters and result. Audit becomes the memory of your operations as well as a means to ensure control

StackStorm Thought Leaders

"StackStorm hasn’t yet unlocked its full potential, so the more people that bring their use cases to the community, the more it can evolve and grow."

Chris Jackson
Director of Cloud Platforms at Pearson


Mick McGrath - Bitovi

"StackStorm has changed how we approach automation, allowing us to compartmentalize small specific tasks which can be orchestrated into larger macro tasks. We can share the small pieces between teams and collectively improve on them over time."

Mick McGrath
Lead Engineer at Bitovi


"The capabilities of StackStorm are truly only limited by your imagination. Its overall simplicity truly makes it a fantastic tool for just about any situation requiring automation."

Luke Marty 
Lead Technical Architect for Cloud Security at Target


  Automated Remediation

When failures happen, StackStorm can act as Tier 1 support: It troubleshoots, fixes known problems, and escalates to humans when needed. Be it a silly yet common “when disk is out of space, clean up the logs”, recovering RabbitMQ split-brain, migrating MySQL master, or automating troubleshooting guides for OpenStack or Cassandra… the learning from Facebook, LinkedIn and others is: if you don’t automate, you die.

Security remediation—automated responses to cyber attacks—is becoming more important every day, and StackStorm can help you protect your infrastructure and data.

ChatOps brings automation and collaboration together; transforming devops teams to get things done better, faster, and with style. StackStorm provides native two-way Chatops support. Expose actions via human-friendly aliases; get notifications from rules and workflows – no coffee-script, just add YAML. Works with Slack, HipChat, IRC, and other chat services via Hubot.

  Continuous Deployment

Continuous deployment can get complex, beyond Jenkins or other specialized opinionated tools. Automate advanced CI/CD pipelines, “your way”, with StackStorm. Start from “Canary” deployment sample automation blueprint. Build and test with Jenkins, provision a new AWS cluster, turn on some traffic with the load balancer, and roll-forward or roll-back based on NewRelic app performance data, and Chatops for human gate checks. Hack to fit your requirements.

Canary pattern deployment blueprints

Cloud-agnostic autoscaling with Rackspace, DevOps & New Relic

  Automate Everything!

A powerful and generic automation platform, StackStorm is being applied for a broad variety of use cases, wiring together everything from home appliances to research tools. Service catalog fulfillment, advanced auto-scaling, Internet of Things, cross-system relays, smart home automation, even genomic sequencing: it doesn’t matter if you’re using rare or highly specialized tools, creating a StackStorm automation pack of your own is easy.

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Powered by StackStorm

Extreme Workflow Composer (EWC) is the commercial version of StackStorm automation platform. EWC adds priority support, advanced features such as fine-tuned access control, LDAP, and Workflow Designer. 

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Open Source

Extreme Workflow Composer 

Powered by StackStorm

Sensors and actions

"If this then that" rules

Native ChatOps support

Cross-domain workflows

Admin UI

Design UI


Role-based access control


LDAP Integration


Priority bugfixes & enhancements


Network lifecycle automation



best effort

Extreme Networks Support 
24x7 with SLAs

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