Donate to StackStorm

The mission of StackStorm is to deliver open source event-driven, self-healing infrastructure automation with wide system integrations and be a force multiplier in organization productivity to the level of top-performing DevOps and SRE operators.

Since 2019, the StackStorm open source project operates under the Linux Foundation’s governance. As fully neutral and backed by its community of users, the project has established a way to accept monetary donations through the Linux Foundation’s Community Bridge funding platform which provides the transparency and trust you need to support us.

Please contribute to the project needs like maintenance, infrastructure expenses, development, bug fixes, security research, timely security patches, meetups, developer conferences, marketing, and any other initiatives that would make StackStorm successful.

Donate to StackStorm

How do I know how funds are spent?

Everyone can see how funds are allocated and spent in StackStorm’s Community Bridge fundraising profile. The Linux Foundation reviews, administers, and processes all requests for expenditures to ensure oversight for use of donated funds.

What are the project Expenses?

The StackStorm project relies on third party paid services, tools, and infrastructure. See StackStorm Expenses. We’re constantly reviewing that list and trying to optimize the costs with FOSS programs.

Who decides how funds are spent?

The StackStorm TSC, the project community board, oversees the needs and collectively decides where to spend the funds. The current StackStorm Maintainers List consists of 10 members from different organizations.

I want to show my company logo at StackStorm’s funding profile

While contributing individuals appear in the list of latest project contributions, donations from organizations are permanently pinned as ‘Sponsor Organizations’. Please check StackStorm Community Bridge profile and review the Donate as a Project Sponsor documentation.

What payment methods are supported?

Individual contributors can make a donation via credit card, while organizations may additionally use bank transfers to make a donation.

Can I get a tax deduction?

The Linux Foundation 501(c)(6) is non-profit, which serves as fiscal host to the StackStorm open source software project and many other projects. Projects funded by the Community Bridge platform are not charities and donations to Linux Foundation 501(c)(6) are not tax deductible.