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Bitovi is a Stackstorm Implementation Partner and helped one of their clients to streamline and solve DevOps automation using Stackstorm.

Many enterprises are delivering services to millions of customers every day, and one of their key challenges is to make sure they are never without service. Working at such a large scale requires organizations to streamline DevOps processes so they can minimize errors, reduce the burden on Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) and get fast visibility into potential issues.

“I love working with Stackstorm. It's easy to understand, and its pack-based integrations makes system-to-system communication clear and concise. After reviewing several options for system diagnosis and remediation based on scalability, reliability, a pluggable architecture, complex workflow creation, and customer support, we found StackStorm to be best suited for the task because it was able to meet and exceed all of our requirements.”

Mick McGrath, 

Lead Engineer, Bitovi

The requirements for this solution included scalability, reliability, a pluggable architecture, and complex workflow creation. After evaluating several open source platforms as well as internal solutions the client had already built, they chose Stackstorm because it was the one that met all these requirements. In addition, it is event driven with a robust engine for IFTTT (If This Then That) and automatically diagnoses and remediates issues across domains.

Bitovi StackStorm Process

In their blog post about the project, Bitovi gives more detail on what their team did to greatly reduce SRE fatigue, training costs, incident resolution errors, and incident resolution time by using StackStorm to automatically recognize common DevOps issues.

“Working with Stackstorm has really changed how we approach automate-able tasks, allowing us to compartmentalize small specific tasks which are then orchestrated into larger macro tasks. We are able to share the small pieces between teams and collectively improve on them over time.”

Ryan Wheale, 

Engineer, Bitovi

“I fell in love with Stackstorm from the moment I saw it; the flexibility, pluggability, and ability to tackle tasks from a whole new point of view are unparalleled. It is applicable everywhere from automating devops and marketing to home automation and IoT. I have been using it every chance I get.”

Christopher Baker, 

Engineer, Bitovi


Mick McGrath - Bitovi

Mick McGrath 
Lead Engineer, Bitovi
@mick_mcgrath in the StackStorm Slack community

Ryan Wheale Bitovi / StackStorm

Ryan Wheale 
Engineer, Bitovi
@ryanwheale in the StackStorm Slack community

Christopher Baker, Bitovi / StackStorm

Christopher Baker 
Engineer, Bitovi
@christopherjbaker in the StackStorm Slack community