We're always looking for examples of how innovative teams use StackStorm Event-Driven Automation

StackStorm Thought Leaders

Meet our StackStorm Community Thought Leaders. Our thought leaders understand that Digital Transformation requires innovation, business agility, and a new way of thinking--”event thinking”.

They have demonstrated thought leadership by paving the way for their organizations to adopt event-thinking with StackStorm event-driven automation. They’ve leveraged StackStorm to build out elastic architectures that continuously sense and respond to events in real-time, enabling them to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

All of these thought leaders recognize the importance of open source, community & collaboration. We hope you are inspired by their stories. If you are not already part of the StackStorm community, we encourage you to join the conversation today and unleash the power of StackStorm in your organization. 

"StackStorm hasn’t yet unlocked its full potential, so the more people that bring their use cases to the community, the more it can evolve and grow."

Chris Jackson
Director of Cloud Platforms at Pearson


Mick McGrath - Bitovi

"StackStorm has changed how we approach automation, allowing us to compartmentalize small specific tasks which can be orchestrated into larger macro tasks. We can share the small pieces between teams and collectively improve on them over time."

Mick McGrath
Lead Engineer at Bitovi


"The capabilities of StackStorm are truly only limited by your imagination. Its overall simplicity truly makes it a fantastic tool for just about any situation requiring automation."

Luke Marty 
Lead Technical Architect for Cloud Security at Target