Encore Technologies provides Data Center, Cloud, Hardware, and Managed Services for ​​Fortune 500 companies. ​Focusing on building trusted relationships with their clients ​​by delivering highest quality products and services, Encore has put StackStorm at the center of its DevOps Automation strategy​.

​Nick Maludy, DevOps Manager at Encore, is leading the ​automation initiatives and transition to new technologies, practices, and philosophies, constantly pursuing increased organizational agility.

​Encore ​is using StackStorm in enterprise scale IT infrastructure for VM & server provisioning, automation, network diagnosis, configuration and orchestration​ on customers' public and private clouds. StackStorm has proven its versatility outside of Encore's core focus of infrastructure automation, and its use has been expanded into the day-to-day corporate business operations.
​During this journey, ​​Nick ​added his name ​to the list of ​​​biggest StackStorm contributors​. He's an active member of the community and ​key influencer in future developments in the StackStorm ​platform.

“​Encore currently uses StackStorm to drive automation across our entire business.

Our initial use case was server provisioning. We transitioned our provisiong platform over to StackStorm and realized a 4x speed-up in provisioning time. StackStorm also has increased our developer productivity dramatically. By breaking down our provisioning process into discrete actions we're now able to develop reusable components that can be tied together in workflows. Also, the interface for DevOps engineers to interact with StackStorm allows us to quickly and effectively localize problems within our deployments in a matter of seconds. This has reduced our time to debug and fix issues dramatically.

Shortly into the process of transitioning our server provisioning to StackStorm
we realized it's power is much larger than just a better and more productive
provisioning system, it is a full fleged automation platform that we could use
for many other tasks. We've extended StackStorm to automate: network diagnostics, website scraping, credential validation, maintenance window configuration, firewall rule analysis, power metrics scraping, and much more.

StackStorm has proven so useful as the "glue" between all of our disperate infrastructure systems, we're now in the process of using it to integrate our business systems as well.”

​Nick Maludy
​DevOps Manager, ​Encore Technologies


Major code ​c​ontributions ​to ​StackStorm core platform, ​chat​ops​,​ documentation​, packages​ and deployment ​with ​puppet-st2. ​Reviews, bug-reports and general feedback via active participation in discussions and design decisions.

​​Contributions ​to ​StackStorm Exchange integration packs:

Activedirectory​​​,​ Menandmice​, ​DigitalOcean​, ​AWS​, ​Zabbix​, NewRelic​, Orion, Azure, Jenkins, Foreman, BitBucket, Ansible​ and more.

​​Contributions ​at github.com/EncoreTechnologies:

​Nick Maludy
​DevOps Manager, ​Encore
@​nmaludy in the StackStorm Slack community