Luke Marty, Lead Technical Architect for Cloud Security at Target, has demonstrated thought leadership, and has played a key role in the adoption of innovative technologies such as StackStorm within the Target Cloud Platform Engineering (CPE) group. Luke is responsible for ensuring the security posture of Target’s cloud and hybrid cloud environment, and has been using StackStorm for just over a year.

Recognizing the power of the StackStorm platform, CPE, and security teams within Target have positioned StackStorm as an orchestrator that ensures the integrity of and maintains efficiencies in the environment. StackStorm is effectively their “eye in the sky”. From a security perspective, Luke and the security team work closely with the CPE team to monitor all the traffic and events that come from the platform—everything from the cloud provider layer all the way up to the application stacks. StackStorm plays an important role in the “trust but verify” mechanism. The goal is to allow developers to be creative and experimental, while ensuring that regulatory compliance and security policies are maintained. StackStorm is leveraged to watch events from Cloud Service Providers and Target’s systems to ensure that best practices are being followed, that no actions take place that could compromise the integrity of environment, and ensure that any risks that are introduced never become threats. StackStorm monitors all events and actions within the environments and ensures that any activities that require additional attention or action are addressed in as close to real time as possible. 

"The capabilities of StackStorm are truly only limited by your imagination. The open extensibility of Stackstorm allows integrations between tools that have been otherwise unheard of. Acting as the glue that ties all your enterprise solutions together, it enables engineers to take their ragtag collection of scripts and turn them into a repeatable and extensible framework. Its overall simplicity truly makes it a fantastic tool for just about any situation requiring automation."

"Leverage the StackStorm community as much as possible—the slack room, the community documentation. StackStorm has some of the best community support I’ve seen out of any tool, anywhere, it’s great. Many of the core dev team members are active in the community Slack channel. The team is very, very helpful, very easy to work with, very accepting. Not jumping through multiple tiers of support to reach the person that is capable of helping you is priceless. I dig that, a lot. I encourage everyone to leverage these resources often and early."

Luke Marty, Target

Luke has become a StackStorm enthusiast/evangelist, and is an active member and contributor to the StackStorm community.


Luke Marty

Luke Marty
Lead Technical Architect for Cloud Security 
@mr_e in the StackStorm Slack community