Winston provides an event driven runbook automation platform for Netflix engineers. It is designed to host and execute runbooks in response to operational events like alerts.

Winston’s goal is to act as Tier-1 support for developers where they can outsource their repeatable diagnostic and remediation tasks and have them run automatically in response to events.

"We decided to use StackStorm as our underlying engine to host and execute our runbooks. StackStorm was chosen because of following key attributes:

  • Alignment with the problem we aimed to solve (event driven runbook automation)
  • The fact that it was open source allowed us to review code and architecture quality in detail.
  • Very pluggable architecture meant we can integrate it within Netflix environment easily.
  • Great and responsive team backing the product

Choosing StackStorm allowed us to quickly bootstrap without reinventing the wheel. This allowed us to focus on Netflix specific features and integrations and reduced our time to market significantly."

Sayli Karmarkar & Vinay Shah on behalf of Diagnostics and Remediation Engineering(DaRE) team


Winston: Helping Netflix Engineers Sleep at Night
Presentation by Sayli Karmarkar and QCon San Francisco, Feb., 2017

Sayli Karmarkar 
@sayli in the StackStorm Slack community