Labo is the infrastructure group of, one of the largest content providers in Japan. Labo provides the network infrastructure, systems development and operations for all online services offeredby The goal of the organization is to ensure that customers and gamers have an exceptional experience with online services and games. 

Hiroyasu Ohyama is a member of the team that is responsible for providing the tools & support for building, deploying, and operating services in an agile manner.

The team leverages StackStorm to reduce OPex by leveraging the power of StackStorm acting as an API abstraction layer. This eliminates complicated workflow dependencies that need to be addressed anytime developers add a new feature or want to leverage a new tool. With StackStorm abstraction, they just update the StackStorm packs and the bindings, without needing to modify the underlying workflows.


Created ST2 packs: ACOS, Zabbix

Contributed to ST2 packs: AWS, Bitbucket, Sensu, vSphere

Code-Zine (An online tech magazine for Japanese developers) 
ST2 articles collection 1, ST2 articles collection 2

Hiroyasu OHYAMA
Infrastructure Division Security @userlocahost2000 in the StackStorm Slack community