StackStorm welcomes Packagecloud as an Infrastructure Partner

Oct 11, 2021

by Eugen Cusmaunsa (@armab)

StackStorm, an open-source event-driven automation platform, hosted under the Linux Foundation governance is glad to announce the partnership with to deliver the deb/rpm packages to its diverse user community.

StackStorm has been a Packagecloud user since early 2015 when we built Enterprise offering on top of the open-source project core. We needed a way to give our paid clients access to the private packages like Workflow Designer, LDAP, RBAC for all the platforms we supported. We wanted to do it automatically, via APIs, and accompanied by our automation processes. At that moment we evaluated several products, but only Packagecloud worked great with its well-documented APIs and private repositories. Eventually, the StackStorm Enterprise ST2_LICENSE under the hood was a Packagecloud API token created for each client to access the private repository in an automated manner. This setup worked great and during the years we didn’t see any issues, stability, or availability problems from the Packagecloud. It just worked!

What we liked about the Packagecloud most is the API-driven design and so we created an integration pack in the StackStrom Exchange: stackstorm-packagecloud. For the packages repository, the extensive API allowed us to fully integrate Packagecloud into our CI/CD and StackStorm Release pipelines promoting the deb/rpm packages from staging/unstable to stable repository streams, automating all the packaging and entire software distribution process.

As StackStorm was transferred to the Linux Foundation, all private code was open-sourced and integrated into the project’s core. This way, we don’t need private repositories anymore and are looking for free open-source package hosting to serve our community. Packagecloud was able to offer an opportunity to distribute the artifacts to our users under their Free for Open Source program terms.

The big advantage to us is that we don’t need to switch the platform or provide a new repository URL to migrate our community user base. We can stick with the original as a deb/rpm repository frontline. With 4.5k Github stars and many years being an industry leader in event-driven automation, the project gained significant adoption and trust from the enterprises. And so stability is something users expect from us.

StackStrom has established the Partnership Program that allows us to recognize companies and organizations that provide ongoing assistance and support to StackStorm Open Source project. We’re happy to partner with Packagecloud and want to thank them for providing Free for OpenSource license to host & distribute our deb/rpm packages and glad to recommend the Packagecloud product to our community for package/repository hosting as it worked flawlessly for us during all these years.