Extreme Networks Donates EWC To Linux Foundation

May 27, 2020
By @blag

After acquiring the StackStorm product and the amazing StackStorm team in 2017 from Brocade, Extreme Networks has been a large contributor (if not the largest contributor) to the StackStorm project, even donating the code and transferring the StackStorm trademarks to the Linux Foundation last year. Continuing that tradition, Extreme Networks announced today that they were donated their enterprise extensions of StackStorm (previously StackStorm Enterprise) to the Linux Foundation! The contribution includes the Extreme Workflow Composer (EWC), the graphical workflow editor, as well as their LDAP, RBAC, and SSO plugins. With these contributions, adopting StackStorm in your organization has never been easier!

Now that all parts of StackStorm are open source, you can expect a better installation and configuration experience in future releases, and a lower barrier to entry for users who are just getting started with automating tasks. The authentication and authorization plugins will enable better security and integration with your existing mechanisms, and now that the workflow composer is open source, StackStorm’s user interface will be more integrated and streamlined. It will soon be possible for anybody to create and modify Orquesta workflows entirely with their web browser!

And if you know any frontend developers who would enjoy working on a React app with an existing and excited userbase, please have them stop by and say hi! We need support from the StackStorm community now more than ever, to help integrate and improve the product, but also to help package all of the new code up for end users, to provide migrations paths for users to the new open source releases, and to integrate the EWC documentation into the StackStorm documentation. There’s plenty of work to go around, so please pitch in and help out!

We’re very excited about this big update. It’s a huge change for the project and our community. We hope it’ll help even more organizations to improve their automation with no more barriers to contribute back to StackStorm Open Source under the Linux Foundation neutral home!

In the meantime, please tweet your gratitude to Extreme Networks for their contribution!