StackStorm Partners

The Partners Program was created to recognize companies and organizations that provide ongoing assistance to StackStorm Open Source project. Because of the substantial support provided by these partners, we have been able to expand and improve StackStorm. We would like to officially recognize their efforts and continue to maintain a good working relationship.

For more information about the StackStorm Partners program conditions, visit the Partners Program.

"With thousands of customers pushing terabytes of data over our global network of more than 20,000 servers daily, our implementation of StackStorm has become an essential operational tool to keep our services healthy and secure."

by @Verizon Media 

Alphabetical List of Partners
Encore Technologies
Service Provider, StackStorm TSC Maintainer, Case Study

Encore Technologies

Encore Technologies provides IT services that specialize in automation. Encore's team are experts in StackStorm implementations, providing professional services to boostrap deployments and implementing custom solutions. Encore's managed services offerings allow companies to focused on high-level business objectives while Encore manages the underlying platform. The team consists of members that contribute to StackStorm core, maintain exchange packs, and serve on the TSC.

Service Provider, Training, SLA Support, StackStorm TSC Maintainer


intive is a global digital powerhouse that partners with some of the worlds’ leading producers of people-centric digital products. They provide StackStorm assessments, workflows, pack designs, implementation and support services. intive offers integration and training for StackStorm along with a wide range of automation, orchestration and software life-cycle tools. They involved in the StackStorm community, has representation on the TSC and acts as a StackStorm vendor for Enterprise offerings.

Service Provider, Training, Support, Platform Development, StackStorm Contributor, Case Study introduces Orchestral Symphony, a platform to deliver an Autonomous Infrastructure for enterprises with complex, multi-vendor environments. The platform includes an XAI engine for intelligent auto-remediation and the StackStorm project as a vendor agnostic  workflow orchestrator. The team enhances the StackStorm project with enterprise-grade features, custom integrations, professional services, training and support. We have the deep StackStorm expertise to ensure rapid time-to value.

Infrastructure Provider, Package hosting

Packagecloud is a universal cloud-based package manager that enables users to securely store and distribute software packages in a reliable and scalable method without owning any infrastructure. Packagecloud offers support to package library storage and distribution for all major flavours of Linux, programming languages and miscellaneous artifacts. It seamlessly integrates with all major build tools and CI/CD tools. The team helps StackStorm securely and efficiently distribute artifacts to its users.

Note: StackStorm is an Open Source project which operates under the neutral Linux Foundation Governance and supported by the diverse team of Open Source maintainers (Technical Steering Committee or TSC) and is not offering, selling or advertising any paid products nor commercially affiliated with any of the Service Providers. StackStorm Open Source project will not share its user's information with any of the Partners. Privacy Policy.