StackStorm Partners Program

The Partners Program has been created to recognize companies and organizations that provide ongoing assistance to the open source StackStorm project. This support from the Partners and the community has enabled StackStorm to improve and enhance the product. This partnership program provides guidelines on the eligibility criteria to become a project partner and also highlights the benefits the partners can derive from being a part of the community.

For the list of current project partners visit the StackStorm Partners page.

Common Contributions

Partners work with StackStorm to provide significant on-going support helping the project.   These are some of the contributions that StackStorm partners can make:








Professional Services to Required Customers

Business Operations

Marketing Materials and Ecosystem Support such as:

Module Design

Ongoing Training

Financial Support via LF CommunityBridge Donations



Providing services to StackStorm

Consulting on reduced cost or for free

Providing resources for sustaining the project infrastructure




Press Releases

Bug Fixes



Open Source Packs



Release Management



Security Research


UI/UX Graphical Design and Support



  • Architectural
  • Module Design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Bug Fixes
  • Open Source Packs
  • Release Management

Professional Services

  • Professional Services to Required Customers
  • Ongoing Training

Business Development

  • Business Operations
  • Financial Support via LF CommunityBridge Donations


Marketing Materials and Ecosystem Support such as:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Press Releases
  • Meetups
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars

Partnership labels will be provided to partners based on the contributions provided and will be listed with your company's entry on the StackStorm Partners page.

Partnership Labels:

If you have ideas how to help the project, just contact us with a Partnership Proposal.

Partner Benefits

The partners are eligible for different levels of benefits from the StackStorm community based on the badge earned by the partner. Table 2. Below highlights the benefits that the StackStorm project will provide.



Space on the StackStorm Partners page

The partner may provide links and description to be included in this information if they're willing to highlight the services they're providing. Services provided by partners will be signified by labels in their company’s entry on the StackStorm Partners page.

Sales Requests

In case of any potential incoming sales requests from StackStorm community (paid support, professional services, consulting, training, custom solutions) StackStorm will redirect these inquiries to the Partners page which may include vendors providing these services.

Partners Program Promotion

StackStorm will promote the partners program, will highlight the page and major partner's contributions via its communication channels.


StackStorm will be open to work with the partners in a co-marketing activities: Blog Posts, HowTos, Demos, Tutorials, Case Studies, Meetups, Webinars and more, if that content is helpful and relevant to the healthy Open Source community growth under the Linux Foundation.

How to become a Partner?

An email should be sent to moc.mrotskcatsnull@srentrap with a proposal for partnership. In your email proposal, please include the following statement:

On behalf of <PARTNER NAME> ("Participant"), I agree that Participant will comply with the StackStorm Partners Program requirements published at /partners-program/ and Linux Foundation Policies published at, as updated from time to time, and agree to not hold StackStorm liable for any monetary, business, or brand related damages or loss during and after our participation in the Partners Program.

Warm Regards,
<Partner Signatory>

This proposal will be reviewed by StackStorm and discussed with the prospective partner.

How and when do partnerships end?

No party makes any Guarantees or Warranties of any kind. StackStorm or the partner may choose to end the partnership at any time. A few examples:

  • The equipment that was provided is withdrawn
  • The support, contribution or service is no longer delivered
  • Violations of the StackStorm or Linux Foundation Policies, Code of Conduct, etc
  • The goals of the partners no longer coincide with the goals of StackStorm

When the partnership ends, the web page entries related to the partner are removed in the current listing, while the archive entries in former years remain.

Are there other ways my organization can contribute to StackStorm?

StackStorm is an Open Source project with a rich ecosystem that operates under the Linux Foundation governance. We welcome everyone to help and support the project through maintenance, code contributions, development, providing services, donations, co-marketing, organizing events.

If you have another idea that does not suit the above criteria to be recognized as an Official StackStorm Partner, please Contact Us at moc.mrotskcatsnull@srentrap.