StackStorm joins the Linux Foundation

StackStorm is headed for the Linux Foundation! This is a big move and we’re excited to share this news with our community. For several months now we’ve been working with the Linux Foundation, the StackStorm team, and many others inside Extreme to make this move possible. We want to thank everyone for their effort to make this move happen. 

StackStorm’s community continues to grow and the impact the project has had continues to show, and show, and show, and show (you get the point). We’re happy to continue this growth by joining the Linux Foundation, allowing us to include even more of our community in developing and governing StackStorm. 

You may be wondering what, if anything, will change with this move. The primarily change is how StackStorm is governed. Historically StackStorm’s development has been driven exclusively by Extreme Networks and the Extreme Workflow Composer team. Now, as a member of the Linux Foundation, we will be inviting others into this process by forming a Technical Steering Committee (TSC). The TSC will create and publish roadmaps, facilitate open standup meetings, and maintain StackStorm’s repositories. More in-depth details about how StackStorm will be governed can be found in our Technical Charter.

We’re excited about this move. It’s the next big step for StackStorm as a project and community. We look forward to working even closer with our community friends as we enhance and grow StackStorm. We’​re working on an FAQ to help answer any additional questions, and as always you can find us on the community Slack channel.