StackStorm 3.1

StackStorm v3.1 is now available. This new release is focused on stability and bug fixes.

  • Update requests library to latest version (2.22.0) in requirements.
  • Disallow “decrypt_kv” filter to be specified in the config for values that are marked as “secret: True” in the schema.
  • Upgrade tooz library to latest stable version (1.65.0) so it uses latest version of grpcio library.
  • Fix timeout handling in the Python runner. In some scenarios where action would time out before producing any output (stdout, stder), timeout was not correctly propagated to the user.
  • Update st2common/ file so it correctly declares all the dependencies and script files it provides. This way st2-pack-* commands can be used in a standalone fashion just by installing st2common Python package and nothing else.
  • Fix st2-pack-download command so it works in the environments where sudo binary is not available (e.g. Docker).
  • Update st2-pack-install and st2-pack-download CLI command so it supports installing packs from local directories which are not git repositories.
  • Allow the orquesta st2kv function to return default for nonexistent key.
  • Fix orquesta st2kv to return empty string and null values.
  • Allow tasks defined in the same task transition with fail to run for orquesta.
  • Fix workflow service to handle unexpected coordinator and database errors.
  • Fix filter to_yaml_string to handle mongoengine base types for dict and list.
  • Microsoft Teams support in ChatOps is now considered generally available. This chat provider adapter does have some caveats and limitations however. Users are encouraged to read our documentation for Microsoft Teams before switching to it.


As always, make sure you have backups first. Then follow the standard Upgrade Instructions.