StackStorm Project Governance and Maintainers Update

Feb 20, 2020
By Eugen Cusmaunsa

As you may heard before, StackStorm has joined the Linux Foundation.

Today we’re happy to update our Open Source Community with the news that first seeding StackStorm Technical Steering Committee (TSC) under the Linux Foundation was formed and ready to rock!

See and for more details, which you can find under the project Github repository stackstorm/st2. We’re back to git as a single source of truth. From now on adding new members or proposing a change to the project governance is a matter of opening a Pull Request, – check out #4856 PR.

Quick Overview

  • Declares StackStorm Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Roles and Responsibilities
  • Describes the Voting process for the StackStorm TSC members
  • Highlights how to become a project Maintainer and what are the expectations
  • Adds information and pointers about how to start Contributing to StackStorm

  • Lists StackStorm Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Maintainers and their areas of responsibility/expertize
  • Includes StackStorm Contributors and past project influencers

This is just the start. With a new Neutral Home we invite everyone: organizations, teams and individuals relying on StackStorm Automation in their operations to support the project by giving back and participating in development as well as influence its future under the Open Governance.

What’s next?

The old StackStorm core team will continue transferring technical, operational experience to the new members and exposing more internals into the open world. That will include some internal discussions, infrastructure, CI/CD mechanics and other automation StackStorm relies on. The first priority for the founding StackStorm TSC team is to craft a 3.2.0 release completely out in the open. Stay tuned!