StackStorm 3.1

StackStorm v3.1 is now available. This new release is focused on stability and bug fixes.

  • Update requests library to latest version (2.22.0) in requirements.
  • Disallow “decrypt_kv” filter to be specified in the config for values that are marked as “secret: True” in the schema.
  • Upgrade tooz library to latest stable version (1.65.0) so it uses latest version of grpcio library.
  • Fix timeout handling in the Python runner. In some scenarios where action would time out before producing any output (stdout, stder), timeout was not correctly propagated to the user.
  • Update st2common/ file so it correctly declares all the dependencies and script files it provides. This way st2-pack-* commands can be used in a standalone fashion just by installing st2common Python package and nothing else.
  • Fix st2-pack-download command so it works in the environments where sudo binary is not available (e.g. Docker).
  • Update st2-pack-install and st2-pack-download CLI command so it supports installing packs from local directories which are not git repositories.
  • Allow the orquesta st2kv function to return default for nonexistent key.
  • Fix orquesta st2kv to return empty string and null values.
  • Allow tasks defined in the same task transition with fail to run for orquesta.
  • Fix workflow service to handle unexpected coordinator and database errors.
  • Fix filter to_yaml_string to handle mongoengine base types for dict and list.
  • Microsoft Teams support in ChatOps is now considered generally available. This chat provider adapter does have some caveats and limitations however. Users are encouraged to read our documentation for Microsoft Teams before switching to it.


As always, make sure you have backups first. Then follow the standard Upgrade Instructions.

ST2 Exchange – A BeerTab Pack??

June 20, 2019
by Lindsay Hill

StackStorm can’t pour you a beer. But now it can keep track of who owes you a beer! Read on for more info about the new beertab pack, and other new packs & interesting StackStorm Exchange updates.


Running Orquesta Serverless

6/18/2019 by m4dcoder

Orquesta is the new workflow engine in StackStorm. If you are on the fence choosing which workflow services to use from AWS, Azure, or GCP and you are thinking that this post is too long to read, then just skip ahead and run StackStorm.


Machine Learning driven Closed Loop Automation

June 12, 2019
By Benoit Lourdelet

The agility at which the business can respond to real-life situations is proportional to the level of digitization that has been implemented in the business. For a business to nimble and agile, it is imperative that all the processes be delivered as a digital service that can be provisioned, monitored and remediated by an automation logic at the core of the business. The automation logic should follow the Monitor, Assess, Plan and Execute (MAPE) loop methodology to provide a complete closed-loop automation system for the digital business. Click below to see a video demonstrating using StackStorm with Machine Learning to do this.


Dmitri says “good bye”

by Dmitri Zimine

Dear StackStorm. You have grown up. The time has come for us to part ways. You will continue the life of mature, established open-source project, with growing community. I will step aside, watch with pride your successes, and be always here to help when you need me. READ MORE…

StackStorm v3.0.1

May 30, 2019
By Tomaz Muraus

Today we are happy to announce StackStorm v3.0.1.

This is a first bug fix patch / patch release in the v3.0.x release series. It includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fix a bug in the remote command and script runner so it correctly uses SSH port from a SSH config
    file if ssh_runner.use_ssh_config parameter is set to True and if a custom (non-default)
    value for SSH port is specified in the configured SSH config file
  • Update pack install action so it works correctly when python_versions pack.yaml metadata attribute is used in combination with --python3 ” st2 pack install” flag.
  • Add source_channel back to the context used by Mistral workflows for executions which are triggered via ChatOps (using action alias). In StackStorm v3.0.0, this variable was inadvertently removed from the context used by Mistral workflows.
  • Fix a bug with timestamp attribute in the execution.log attribute being incorrect when server time where st2api is running was not set to UTC.
  • Fix a bug with some packs which use --python3 flag (running Python 3 actions on installation where StackStorm components run under Python 2) which rely on modules from Python 3 standard library which are also available in Python 2 site-packages (e.g. concurrent) not working correctly. In such scenario, package / module was incorrectly loaded from Python 2 site-packages instead of Python 3 standard library which broke such packs.
  • Remove policy-delayed status to avoid bouncing between delayed statuses in st2scheduler service.
  • Truncate some database index names so they are less than 65 characters long in total. This way it also works with AWS DocumentDB which doesn’t support longer index name at the moment.

    NOTE: AWS DocumentDB is not officially supported. Use at your own risk.
  • Fix a possible shell injection in the linux.service action. User who had access to run this action could cause a shell command injection by passing a compromised value for either the service or action parameter.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release.

Special thanks to James Robinson (Netskope and Veracode) for reporting the security issue in linux.service action.


As always, make sure you have backups first. Then follow the standard Upgrade Instructions.

It’s Here: StackStorm 3.0

April 29, 2019

By Lindsay Hill

It’s here at last: StackStorm 3.0. This is a big release for us: Orquesta is GA, and Workflow Designer has a great new look & feel, massively improving usability. We’ve added Microsoft Teams support, Inquiries also goes GA, and more. Here’s all the details: READ MORE…

New Feature: Output Schema

April 9, 2019
by Lindsay Hill

We added support for Output Schema in StackStorm 2.9. This feature has been “under the radar” for a while. Time to shed a little light, explain what it is, how to use it, and why we added this feature. Read on!


What’s new in ST2 Exchange?

March 25, 2019
by Lindsay Hill

Hey folks, been a little while since we’ve done a roundup of new & interesting pack updates. This time it’s Telegram, vSphere, Terraform, Napalm, Icinga2 and more. We’ve also been doing some background preparation work for Python 3. Read on for the full details.


StackStorm v2.10.4

March 15, 2019
By Tomaz Muraus

Today we are happy to announce StackStorm v2.10.4.

This is another bug fix release in the v2.10.x release series. It includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fix inadvertent regression in notifier service which would cause generic action trigger to only be dispatched for completed states even if custom states were specified using action_sensor.emit_when config option.
  • Make sure we don’t log auth token and api key inside st2api log file if those values are provided via query parameter and not header (?x-auth-token=foo, ?st2-api-key=bar).
  • Fix rendering of {{ config_context. }} in orquesta task that references action from a different pack
  • Add missing default config location (/etc/st2/st2.conf) to the following services: st2actionrunner, st2scheduler, st2workflowengine.
  • Update statsd metrics driver so any exception thrown by statsd library is treated as non-fatal.


As always, make sure you have backups first. Then follow the standard Upgrade Instructions.