Announcing StackStorm Vagrant & OVA

May 21, 2018
By Warren Van Winckel and Eugen C.

StackStorm Vagrant Box

We’re glad to announce that StackStorm Vagrant box and Community OVA are available for general use and included as installation method in StackStorm Docs.


Patch Patch Patch: StackStorm 2.7.2

Hey folks – StackStorm 2.7.2 has been released. We’ve fixed a bug affecting sensors, improved Jinja rendering, fixed a couple of Web UI bugs and improved the LDAP & RBAC handling for Enterprise users. This is a recommended update for all users. Read on for the details.


Simplified Network Performance Tests with PerfSonar and SLX

May 3, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

PerfSonar is a super handy toolkit for measuring network performance between any two points. Combine this with the Guest VM built into the Extreme SLX series of switches, and you can easily run performance tests between any two points on your network, measuring performance, latency, jitter, MTU, path taken, etc. Combine that with StackStorm, and you can easily run those tests from Slack. No need to even login to a switch.

Demo: Network Performance Tests via Slack

Check out the video here. From Slack, we can trigger different tests between any two switches – performance, one-way latency measurement, or trace the path, showing the path MTU. The results are then shown in Slack:

Read on for more about how to set this up.

Simple Packet Captures with SLX and CloudShark

April 27, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

Packet Captures are a necessary evil when you need to prove network innocence. But they’re tedious to configure, collect & analyze. What if you could simplify the setup, collection and viewing? That’s what we’ve done here, combining StackStorm, Extreme Insight Architecture, CloudShark, and of course Slack.

Demo: Running Packet Captures from Slack

Check out the video here – we show entering some commands in Slack, which triggers a packet capture on multiple switches. The PCAPs are automatically uploaded to CloudShark, so we can view the packets in our browser:

Read on for more about how to set this up.

More Packs, More Actions, and a new Forum

April 20, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

We’ve got a few things to cover here – firstly we have a new forum for seeking help and sharing ideas, and we have good bunch of recent updates to StackStorm Exchange packs. There’s new packs for Redis & Kayako, and updates to the Slack, Email, Jira, and Palo Alto packs. Here’s the details:


Say hello to StackStorm v2.7

April 16, 2018
by Tomaz Muraus

Spring is here and with that we are happy to announce a new StackStorm release: v2.7. This release includes various new features, improvements and bug-fixes. The biggest change you’ll notice is improved Mistral performance. Read on for more details on this, and everything else we’ve done:


February Update

March 2, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

A short month, so not so many updates to StackStorm Exchange this month. But there’s still a few things going on with Kubernetes, OpenStack, Fortinet, ServiceNow and Microsoft Exchange. Plus some CircleCI news. Here’s the details:


Double Packs Update

February 2, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

No packs update over Christmas because we were taking a break – so here’s a double helping of updates to packs on the StackStorm Exchange. We have new packs for Palo Alto Networks, CloudShark, updates to the OpenStack, NetBox, Device42 packs, and a bunch of bugfixes, including Consul, ServiceNow, Cisco Spark and more. Here’s the details:


New Year, New StackStorm – v2.6 Released

January 25, 2018

It’s a New Year, and time for a new version of StackStorm. 2.6 is available for download now. The biggest change is moving the Web UI to the React JS framework, but of course there’s also multiple user- and developer-friendly fixes and enhancements in the backend. Read on to hear more about what’s changed:


Puppet Module to Install StackStorm – Announcing Release Candidate

January 4, 2018
By Nick Maludy of Encore Technologies

So far StackStorm has multiple installation methods: deb/rpm packages, curl|bash installer used for simple deployments, Docker, Ansible, Chef.

Now it’s Puppet time!

Starting in July of 2017 a major effort has been underway to modernize the Puppet module to install/deploy StackStorm. In August of 2017 v1.0.0-beta was released with completely re-worked internals to support the new StackStorm deb/rpm package installation method and fix a large number of bugs. Since the beta we’ve continued development of new features like supporting all 4 StackStorm OSes, Puppet 4 and 5 compatibility, ChatOps installation and configuration, modernized pack management, full integration testing in Docker containers along with a slew of Puppet best practices improvements.

Today we’re proud to announce the Release Candidate version v1.0.0-rc of the stackstorm-st2 Puppet module which is available on Forge.

Our plan is to release v1.0.0 stable in the coming weeks, but in order to do this we need your help. We ask everyone who is interested in Puppet-based deployment to give the module a try and provide your feedback!

Keep reading to find out more details about what’s changed and where the project is heading.