StackStorm Exchange goes Serverless

Run StackStorm Exchange actions as AWS Lambda functions. Serverless and Stormless. 100% Open Source.

December 14, 2017
by Dmitri Zimine

StackStorm Exchange is an open source catalog of reusable actions. Integrations with everything ranging from common-man DevOps tools, suit and tie services like ServiceNow and Remedy to cool kids like Slack or Twilio, to more exotic systems like HUE Lights and Tesla cars. At the time of writing, there are 6500+ actions spread across 130 integration packs. It is Open Source, with a great community of maintainers. Something that makes StackStorm a great wiring tool to build automations integrating a wide breadth of domains.

But if you’ve taken a red pill and gone wholesale on AWS running serverless, deploying StackStorm may be not an option. Yet the catalog of reusable functions to integrate with commonly used services is an appealing idea. C’mon there should be 1000 Slack lambdas and 10,000 Twilio lambdas out there already, it doesn’t feel creative to write 10,001? Jealous to Azure with their great library of reusable connectors? Why can’t YOU grab something ready-to-use?

Now you can! Run StackStorm Exchange actions as lambda functions. Without StackStorm. Serverless and Stormless.

Consider a detailed tutorial “Building a community sign-up app with Serverless, StepFunctions, and StackStorm Exchange” to really get your hands dirty and try this out for real.


StackStorm is Hiring!

December, 2017
by StackStorm Team

As you may know, StackStorm recently has found a new place at Extreme Networks. With that, we’re happy to remind you that we’re hiring Engineers to help making StackStorm even better.


November Pack Roundup

December 1, 2017
by Lindsay Hill

Second to last month of the year, and updates to the StackStorm Exchange keep coming. New Terraform pack, major updates to Consul pack, and a bunch more updates. Read on for the details.


DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017 –San Francisco

StackStorm Community Thought Leaders:
Demonstrating Transformational Leadership with Event Driven Automation

By Dana Christensen

The 3-day DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES17) hosted by IT Revolution and Gene Kim is sold out and in full swing in San Francisco!

New in StackStorm 2.5: Real-time action output streaming

November 07, 2017
by Tomaz Muraus

StackStorm v2.5.0 has been released recently. In addition to Inquiries, it includes another widely requested feature – real-time output of actions.

Real-time action output streaming allows users to see any output produced by an action in real-time.

This makes troubleshooting and debugging actions much easier and faster. It is especially handy in environments where StackStorm is used as a CI / CD tool and for long running actions (do you have a long running action which builds and installs a software package and you want to see the progress in real-time? Now that and a lot more is possible).

Prior to this release, it was only possible to see the output once the action has finished (well, there were some workarounds which involved using “tail” command, but those workarounds had many limitations and issues).


StackStorm goes to Extreme

November 2, 2017
by Dmitri Zimine

As of this week StackStorm is officially a part of Extreme Networks. We’ve changed hands 3 times in 18 months. We’ve survived 365 days of uncertainty. It’s over now. The future is certain and bright, more good stuff is coming soon. Seriously, it’s all good.

Source: Brocade’s “On-second-though” collection. Check it out, it’s fun.


October Pack Updates

November 1, 2017
by Lindsay Hill

More packs, more updates, more goodness. Here’s October’s roundup of new & changed packs. Zabbix, Keycloak, Foreman, Solarwinds and more. Plus a couple of proposals for pack changes to Kubernetes and AWS, and a warning about upcoming Python action changes.


New in StackStorm 2.5: Inquiries

October 31, 2017
by Matt Oswalt

StackStorm 2.5  introduces one of our most highly requested features: “Inquiries”. Inquiries are a way of “asking a question” in the middle of a workflow (Mistral or ActionChain), to get additional data before moving on.

For instance, while you can store service credentials in the StackStorm datastore and retrieve them using a Jinja snippet, some services require two-factor authentication. It’s necessary, therefore, to be able to pause the workflow at a certain point, and allow a human to “inject” this data into the workflow midstream. There are a number of other use cases for this functionality, including the simple “I’m about to do something stupid dangerous, should I proceed?”.

Before we get into Inquiries and how they work, an important note: we’ve been working hard on making sure the new feature is useful for a variety of use cases, and as robust as possible. However, it is a complex and fairly low-level feature that has a lot of moving parts, and before recommending it for production use, we’d like to spend a release cycle gathering feedback on the API and the user experience. So, for 2.5, we would love for you to use this feature in your test/dev deployments of StackStorm and let us know what you think. Don’t worry, this is not going to stay “alpha” forever! We expect that it will be “production ready” in StackStorm 2.6, due to ship later this year.


StackStorm 2.5 Has Hit the Streets!

We are very pleased to announce that StackStorm v2.5 has shipped, including two big new features – Streaming Output, and the Inquiry Runner, aka st2.ask. Read on for more details about the new features:


Serverless’ Event Gateway explained for StackStorm users

October 10, 2017
by Dmitri Zimine

In Part 1 of the series, I shared my excitement with two new event-driven systems introduced last month: Event Grid from Microsoft Azure and Event Gateway from, and posted some observations on Event Grid.

Before we continue with Event Gateway, let’s bring the “terminology normalization” from Part 1. In the table below StackStorm terms are used as as a reference point for our blog’s regular readers, along with a short explanation of their meaning for the guests.