StackStorm 2.9.1 and Exchange Updates

October 23, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

Late October already – where did the year go? Well at least part of it was spent making StackStorm better, and adding new packs and actions to the StackStorm Exchange. Read on for more details about StackStorm 2.9.1, and pack updates to ManageIQ, Jira, ServiceNow, InfluxDB, vSphere, and more:

StackStorm 2.9.1

StackStorm 2.9.1 is a minor bugfix release building on top of the work in 2.9.

Changes include:

  • Web UI fix for displaying Orquesta workflows
  • Fixed a race when there are multiple requests to resume a workflow
  • Pack registration speedups (more to come here)
  • st2 pack install works with local git repos that use a specific git revision

This is a recommended update for all users.

New & Updated Packs

  • ManageIQ: New pack for working with the OSS management platform ManageIQ.
  • NGINX Plus: New actions for working with all the NGINX Plus API endpoints.
  • Jira: OAuth is…tricky to get right. Now you can use Basic authentication instead.
  • vSphere: Now you can do things like shutdown a guest, copy files, and manipulate file paths.
  • ServiceNow: The team at ServiceNow have deprecated older methods for creating a record. No problem, the pack updates take care of this.
  • Vault: New action for reading from a defined mount and path.

As always, thanks to all contributors.