What’s new in ST2 Exchange?

March 25, 2019
by Lindsay Hill

Hey folks, been a little while since we’ve done a roundup of new & interesting pack updates. This time it’s Telegram, vSphere, Terraform, Napalm, Icinga2 and more. We’ve also been doing some background preparation work for Python 3. Read on for the full details.

New & Updated Packs

  • Nexus3: A new pack! Support for the Sonatype Nexus repository.
  • Napalm: Running really old Cisco Nexus gear, but you’re also into automation? That’s a tough Venn Diagram intersection, but it’s OK: you can now use the nxos_ssh driver with Napalm.
  • Infoblox: CRUD actions for handling HOST records have been added.
  • Terraform: More actions for importing objects, and more options for plan and apply.
  • vSphere: More actions for assigning tags & custom attributes, and finding the path of a VM’s folder.
  • Icinga2: Your beloved author wrote some so-so code to get rid of pycurl from the Icinga2 pack, replacing it with requests()-based code. Much simpler install, much better for handling Unicode, Python3, etc.
  • Telegram: I was shocked, shocked! to find out we didn’t support emojis in the Telegram pack. This has been resolved. Phew.

Python 3 CI

Python 2.7 goes End of Life on January 1, 2020. We’re making preparations, getting everything in order for running all of StackStorm with Python 3. The observant amongst you will notice that we’ve updated our CircleCI configuration to run checks against both Python 2.7 and 3.6. Python 3.6 CI failures are non-fatal today, but this will change in future.

The master branch of StackStorm now supports a python_versionsparameter in pack.yaml. In future this will be used to determine if Python 2/3 CI checks should be fatal.

We’ve also updated our CircleCI configs to perform weekly CI runs, in addition to the checks performed at every PR and merge to master. This will help us pick up anything that might have crept in along the way, e.g. updated flake8 or pylint rules, or changes to unpinned upstream libraries.

As always, thank you to you: our users & contributors who help keep making StackStorm better.