DevOps Experts Chat And Agree That Automation Needs Work

September 9, 2014

by Evan Powell

Last week StackStorm had a great group of folks online for a one hour Crowdchat about DevOps, and comments were fast and furious. As expected, Cote from the 451 group (@cote) helped lead the discussion, as well as James Fryman from GitHub (@jfryman), Carmine Rimi from Workday (@carminerimi), and StackStorm’s own Patrick Hoolboom (@phool_stormer). We were also joined by some great guest stars including Andi Mann (@AndiMann) from CA.

A quick summary:

With over 1,229 views of the Crowdchat, participants rated the question, “Is Automation in a place that is good, or is there more work needed?” as the top question asked.

And the top rated response to this question suggested that we still have a long way to go with automation. James Fryman’s answer was:

“There is so much more work needed. We are a lot further along than we were, say 10 years ago, but there are still serious challenges with parts of the stack still not having good API access, humans are still doing too much manual work, etc.”


[Press Release] StackStorm To Host DevOps CrowdChat

August 29, 2014

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–StackStorm, a software company leading the third wave of operations automation, today announced it will host a CrowdChat on September 3, focused on DevOps and the cloud. Michael Cote, analyst at 451 Research, Carmine Rimi, director of cloud engineering at Workday, James Fryman, operations hacker at GitHub and Patrick Hoolboom, chief DevOps Stormer at StackStorm will join CrowdChat co-founder, John Furrier and StackStorm CEO, Evan Powell to discuss enterprise cloud options, as well as, common operational patterns for DevOps.

“With the increasing momentum of DevOps in IT organizations, there are a lot of new technologies and systems emerging,” said Powell. “The goal of this CrowdChat is to gain insight into what developers and engineers see as the best tools and systems for DevOps. At StackStorm, we believe DevOps has been the biggest shift in IT, so we are looking forward to hearing everyone’s opinions and learning more about trends in the industry.”

What: CrowdChat: Clouderati on DevOps

When & Where: Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. PT; join here:


DevOpsDays Presentation: Why DevOps Is The Greatest Shift In The IT Industry

August 11, 2014

by Patrick Hoolboom

Last month, we attended DevOpsDays Silicon Valley and had a great time meeting other people in the industry while learning about different DevOps tools and best practices. It was the fifth anniversary of the event and we were honored to be a part of the sold out show! I gave an Ignite Talk on the “10 Reasons Why DevOps is the Greatest Shift in the IT Industry.”

The IT industry has gone through many changes the past few years, however, we believe DevOps is the most significant shift. Not only does DevOps enable faster delivery times, but it forces developers and operations to work together which ultimately makes organizations more dynamic.

Below is a link to my 5-minute presentation about the 10 reasons why DevOps is the biggest shift in power the IT industry has seen in the last 20 years. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my presentation below or feel free to send me a tweet @phool_stormer.

A Look Back At The Successes Of OpenStack, And Some Emerging Challenges

July 31, 2014

by Evan Powell

As an entrepreneur betting heavily – in time, money, and relationships – on OpenStack, I’m biased towards its success and more than a little interested in how it is growing up. I have long believed in open infrastructure and remain convinced that OpenStack is the best chance we all have for a future of greater innovation, quality, capability, and, yes, affordability for cloud infrastructure.

I first looked at OpenStack a number of years ago when growing Nexenta and creating a market we then called the OpenStorage market, and recently took some time to look at the entire project and how far it’s come, as well as some emerging challenges.

  1. The gap between the mainstream user and hyper scale cloud providers is growing greater by the day


[Press Release] StackStorm To Host State Of DevOps Webinar Discussion

July 17, 2014

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–StackStorm, a software company leading the third wave of operations automation, today announced it will host an interactive webinar on July 22 and 24, focused on DevOps, enterprise architecture and StackStorm software. Led by StackStorm CEO and co-founder, Evan Powell, topics covered will include DevOps automation patterns, the fundamentals of DevOps architecture and infrastructure as a code.

“DevOps is revolutionary however not always easy to adopt,” said Powell. “Our goal at StackStorm is to help companies adopt the best operational patterns of DevOps with the help of our 100% open source software and our work on projects like OpenStack Mistral. Collaboration is key to DevOps and open source, and we look forward to discussing what we have learned from 150+ engagements and sharing our approach at StackStorm.”

StackStorm DevOps Webinar

When & Where:
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. PT; register here:
Thursday, July 24 at 8:00 am PT; register here:

Social Media:
Follow StackStorm on Twitter @Stack_Storm

For more information visit: /news-events/

View Webinar Slides

View Recorded Webinar


Join StackStorm’s First “DevOps Automation” Online Feedback Session July 22

July 15, 2014

At StackStorm, our mission is to lead the third wave of operations automation and enable everyone to achieve the 10-100x productivity improvements that highly automated DevOps operators achieve. We’ve been in private beta for more than a month now, and think it’s time to share our story with DevOps and IT communities.

On Tuesday, July 22, we will host our first interactive web meeting focused on DevOps automation, and we welcome your participation! Our CEO, Evan Powell will host the meeting, discussing topics such as common DevOps automation patterns, fundamentals of DevOps architectures and infrastructure as code. Evan will also introduce StackStorm’s software and give his thoughts on the future of self-driving data centers.

Evan will be joined by lead DevOps Stormer, Patrick Hoolboom, who most recently led DevOps efforts at Cloudmark and who is an experienced speaker at events like the recent DevOps Days Silicon Valley. Together, Evan and Dmitri will tell StackStorm’s story, request direct feedback from you, and answer any questions you may have.


Automating OpenStack: Join StackStorm’s Online Meetup July 17

July 11, 2014

by Evan Powell

We’re looking forward to co-hosting next week’s OpenStack Online Meetup on July 17! Hosted by Rafael Knuth, OpenStack and Hadoop community manager and Stephen Spector, HP cloud evangelist, the meetup is a great forum to bring together the OpenStack IT community from across the world, to facilitate dialogue and share ideas, especially on new technologies.

In the meetup, our CTO and co-founder, Dmitri Zimine, will discuss automation approaches and projects within the OpenStack ecosystem. As we’ve mentioned before, we’re big believers in OpenStack. It’s one of the largest open source projects in the world, and the community and corporate supporters of the community have made broad OpenStack adoption almost inevitable. We particularly like the OpenStack mantra “automate all the things.”

With the rise of OpenStack and similar approaches comes a more open environment comprised of loosely coupled components, each of which can be automated itself. Add the massive acceleration in the rate of change occasioned by agile and DevOps approaches to management and IT has an entirely new environment to manage. And automation is at the very core of current approaches to management.


[Press Release] StackStorm To Co-Host OpenStack Online Meetup On Automation Tools

July 10, 2014

Palo Alto, Calif. – StackStorm, a software company leading the third wave of operations automation, today announced it will host a joint online meetup with OpenStack Online Meetup, focused on the OpenStack IT community across the world. During the meetup, attendees will discuss automation projects within OpenStack, their maturity, possible use cases and their likely direction.

Organized by Rafael Knuth, OpenStack and Hadoop community manager, and Stephen Spector, HP cloud evangelist, the OpenStack Online Meetup aims to facilitate dialogue across the OpenStack ecosystem, as well as the greater IT community. Dmitri Zimine, co-founder and CTO of StackStorm, will join them to discuss OpenStack automation projects including Mistral, Heat, TaskFlow and Congress, and provide best practices for each. He will discuss each tool in detail and its benefits to IT and the organization as a whole.

“The OpenStack Online meetup is a great forum for users to come together and explore new tools in the ecosystem,” said Knuth. “We look forward to co-hosting this session with Dmitri to discuss the current state of IT automation and how it will evolve within the OpenStack ecosystem.”

What: OpenStack Online Meetup: Automating OpenStack with StackStorm
Where: Google+ Hangout, register here:
When: Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. PT
Social Media: Official hashtag: #OpenStackOM. Follow StackStorm on Twitter @Stack_Storm or OpenStack Online Meetup @OpenStack_OM
URL: For more information visit: /news-events/

“As enterprises adopt OpenStack, their infrastructure changes drastically, and automation tools can enable IT to easily transition to open source applications,” said Zimine. “This meetup is an opportunity to share what I have learned working with open source automation tools over the last few years. The next wave of automation is coming, and a good understanding of available tools will help IT make a successful transition.”

Chat with us during the meetup or submit questions via Twitter @OpenStack_OM or IRC #OpenStack-Community @Freenode.

Recorded Video Session


What Is Mistral And Why StackStorm Cares: Workflow Service For Cloud Automation

July 7, 2014
by Dmitri Zimine

At StackStorm, we believe that workflow is a key ingredient for cloud automation. That’s why we became drivers and core contributors to Mistral, a new workflow service for OpenStack.

Why the need for a new workflow service? Haven’t we already experienced Workflow Management? Aren’t a number of established, mature workflow products[1] out there already? Yes, and yes, but…

With a decade of experience building system orchestration and automation products[2] and seeing them used in the field, I realized that using a traditional BPM (business process management) oriented workflow is not a good match with today’s pace of change and scale of operations. The rich variety of workflow patterns that are bragged about by traditional BPM systems are never used in practice. The graphical representation of workflow, so exciting for non-technical BPM users, becomes a handcuff for techy admins. And complex XML-based syntax made working with workflow definition files a nightmare.


Join Us At DevOpsDays Silicon Valley This Week

June 26, 2014

by Evan Powell

DevOps is all about the community movement – it’s an approach that is inherently collaborative. That’s why we love attending DevOps events and sharing ideas with others in the industry. DevOps Days Silicon Valley is around the corner and we’re expecting to see some great sessions. It’s the fifth anniversary for the conference, and we’re happy to be part of the program this year!

Patrick Hoolboom, an avid Stormer and contributor to our blog, will be presenting on the “10 Reasons Why DevOps is the Greatest Shift in the IT Industry.” There is a huge shift in IT towards a DevOps approach for building and operating software, with the goal of improving productivity. Conferences like DevOps Days are evidence of this shift and growth in the community.