[Press Release] StackStorm Leads Third Wave Of Operations Automation Delivering DevOps Best Practices To Enterprises

May 6, 2014

Team with deep expertise in automation and strong advisory board will focus on creating new generation of SaaS for self-driving data centers

Palo Alto, CA – StackStorm, a software company leading the third wave of operations automation, today emerged from stealth mode to introduce a private beta program for the company’s first product. Focused on delivering the increased productivity of DevOps approaches to a broader market, StackStorm’s vision – and how it defines the third wave of operations automation – is to make self-driving data centers that learn how to operate more efficiently. StackStorm is currently focused on enterprises deploying OpenStack.

“Succeeding in DevOps approaches to operations is critically important and yet extremely challenging,” said Mike Kavis, analyst at The Virtualization Practice. “Done right, DevOps leads to a step function improvement in operational efficiency and in the ability to meet the real needs of IT users. StackStorm’s vision of automating the automators, improving the ability to create and manage operations automations, is a leap in the right direction for DevOps to be more broadly adopted.”


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