Catch Up With StackStorm In October!

September 24, 2014

October is a busy month for us! We’re hosting a meetup in Palo Alto, exhibiting at DevOps Enterprise Summit and preparing for OpenStack Summit Paris – take a look at where StackStorm will be next month, and come by and say hello if you’re at any of these:

San Francisco/Silicon Valley OpenStack Meetup: On Tuesday, October 14 at 6:30 p.m. PT, StackStorm is hosting a SF/SV OpenStack Meetup, Automate all the Things! Nice motto – what options do we have in OpenStack?, which will run through automation for OpenStack in all its forms. Led by our CTO, Dmitri Zimine, the meetup will review all Day 1 and Day 2 automation projects within OpenStack.

Dmitri is an expert in automation and has participated in many discussions with OpenStack operators, as well as, OpenStack forums and meetups. Prior to StackStorm, he was at VMware, where he led the vSphere Client team through four major releases and led a successful transition of vSphere Client to a new technology stack. During the meetup, Dmitri will provide an unbiased overview of automation projects including which projects are OpenStack specific, which are mature and which have momentum.


Workload Deployment Tools For OpenStack

September 22, 2014

by Dmitri Zimine

This post originally appeared September 19, 2014 on

This is the second part in a series of three articles surveying automation projects within OpenStack, explaining what they do, how they do it, and where they stand in development readiness and field usage. Previously, in part one, I covered cloud deployment tools that enable you to install/update OpenStack cloud on bare metal. Next week, in the final article, I will cover automating “day 2 management”—tools to keep the cloud and workloads up and running.

The second class of automation products deals with deploying the workloads—virtual instances, virtual environments, applications, and services. The OpenStack projects in this category are Heat, Solum, and Murano.


Thoughts From OpenStack Silicon Valley: Part 2

September 19, 2014

by Evan Powell

Continuing from part 1 of my blog on the recent OpenStack Silicon Valley summit, let’s discuss some of the other companies present at the conference and some of my (cynical) observations.

VMware was there with a keynote being given by yet another Martin. There were six substantive talks before noon. Half of them had someone named Marten or Martin in it. I’m referring here of course to VMware’s networking CTO, Martin Casado who spoke passionately about policy based management as an El Dorado of IT management that is finally within reach. I kept flashing back to the Werner Herzog film “Aguirre: Wrath of God.” Much like Klaus Kinsky in that film (spoiler alert), the quest for the golden city does not end well.


Thoughts From OpenStack Silicon Valley: Part 1

September 18, 2014

by Evan Powell

The OpenStack Silicon Valley summit took place on Tuesday, and I had a blast! There were a lot of recent developments discussed at the summit, including HP’s acquisition of Eucalyptus, and I had the opportunity to meet old friends and make some new. There’s a lot that took place, so I’ll split this into two blog posts. In this first one I’ll discuss some of the recent announcements and what HP and Cisco brought to the summit. In the second part, I’ll discuss VMware and some of my overall takeaways.

First, as is the case in any conference, much of the value is found in the hallways. I ran into a couple of StackStorm users and advisors, a bunch of friends I knew via Nexenta, and had some great honest conversations.

I think my first chat post coffee (when my brain started to switch on) was with Bernard Golden from ActiveState, Stephen Spector from HP, and Jesse Proudman from Blue Box. That got me into a great mood and gives you an idea of who attended – lots and lots of thoughtful folks willing to share their perspectives.


[TechTarget] How To Adopt A Successful DevOps Enterprise

September 17, 2014

No two DevOps shops are alike, but there are common threads that run throughout. So what does it take for an IT shop to successfully implement the DevOps culture?

Can an enterprise IT shop successfully adopt DevOps?

Many IT professionals working in traditional, siloed IT environments want the answer, in the name of faster, more reliable systems […]


[SiliconANGLE] #CUBEconversations: Evan Powell, CEO Of StackStorm

October 16, 2014

theCUBE visited Stack Storm’s new offices in Palo Alto, CA to talk about the company and their place in the marketplace. In this #CUBEconversation John is joined by Evan Powell, CEO of StackStorm who gives a candid look into the mindset of a start-up and a taste of their aspirations and goals. In addition to an update on Stackstorm, Docker is addressed and compared, Evan talks about current partners, and the financial aspect of launching a company.

OpenStack Automation With Cloud Deployment Tools

September 13, 2014

by Dmitri Zimine

This post originally appeared September 12, 2014 on

In the cloud world, the mantra is “automate everything.” It’s no surprise that as OpenStack expands its scope, automation projects are emerging within it. But, the variety and the sheer number of these projects is still surprising: there are over twenty!

This is the first part in a series of three articles surveying automation projects within OpenStack, explaining what they do, how they do it, and where they stand in development readiness and field usage. Some of these projects, like Mistral for workflow as a service (full disclosure: I help drive this project as CTO of StackStorm) and Compass for provisioning (from Huawei), are intended to help with non-OpenStack environments as well.

My goal in this series is to give a high level map, trigger your curiosity, and to give you pointers to dig for more details.


[Data Center Knowledge] StackStorm, Mirantis To Meld DevOps-Style IT Automation With OpenStack

September 12, 2014

Operations automation provider StackStorm is integrating its products with software and services of OpenStack systems integrator Mirantis. The partners will collaborate on engineering, marketing, sales and support.

StackStorm continues to expand its commitment to OpenStack, also becoming an official sponsor of the open source cloud software distribution […]


[Cloud Computing Today] StackStorm To Deliver Enhanced Operational Automation For OpenStack Vendor Mirantis

September 11, 2014

On September 10, StackStorm revealed a partnership with Mirantis to in integrate its operations automation products into products from Mirantis, the Mountain View-based commercial OpenStack vendor. As a result of the partnership, StackStorm’s DevOps and automation products will enhance the Mirantis OpenStack distribution and contribute toward the operational agility of Mirantis OpenStack deployments […]


[Press Release] StackStorm Partners With Mirantis For OpenStack Collaboration

September 10, 2014

Operations automation enabler joins OpenStack foundation and partners with key contributors


StackStorm, a software company leading the third wave of operations automation, today revealed a strategic partnership to integrate StackStorm products with software and services from Mirantis, the largest OpenStack systems integrator. StackStorm has also increased its commitment to the OpenStack community, becoming an official sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation.

“Partners like StackStorm help Mirantis fulfill its mission to be the leading pure play OpenStack company by delivering industry leading capabilities that add value to underlying OpenStack,” said Boris Renski, co-founder, Mirantis. “We are delighted that StackStorm is a Mirantis Technology Partner and that we will be able to extend our engineering collaboration to joint marketing, sales and support.”


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