StackStorm is Hiring!

December, 2017
by StackStorm Team

As you may know, StackStorm recently has found a new place at Extreme Networks. With that, we’re happy to remind you that we’re hiring Engineers to help making StackStorm even better.

Senior Software Engineer

StackStorm Senior Software Engineer Stack

As a core member of our engineering team, you will take part in architectural design, creating and sustaining features for the platform and services, integrating with other platforms and supporting a lively and growing community. It’s a rare opportunity to understand the future work, – please look at the main repository with ~13K commits and ~150K lines of code.

An ideal candidate has 5-10 years of software engineering experience building distributed systems. If you have shown leadership in designing and architecting software systems and have a proven track record in executing and delivering value to customers, we are looking for you to join and help us in our vision towards automated remediation.


  • Experience with building secure, distributed and scalable systems
  • Experience with Python and/or other programming languages
  • Experience with designing REST APIs, working with SQL/NoSQL databases and messaging queues (other emerging technologies is highly desired)
  • Experience with continuous integration and continuous deployment is a huge plus

Apart from the above technical skills, following soft skills are desired:

  • Ability to work in a diverse and distributed team is highly desired
  • A self-starter that is passionate and motivated by new technologies and has empathy for legacy systems
  • A quick learner that can navigate through unfamiliar programming languages, systems and processes
  • Prior product building experience is optional but desired

See the Roadmap to get ideas about the engineering problems you’ll be solving at StackStorm.

Looks challenging?
Send us a message to moc.mrotskcatsnull@ofni

Senior DevOps Engineer

StackStorm Senior DevOps Engineer Stack

Love using products like Ansible, Terraform, Vagrant or Chef? Now you build them!

You’ll be working in a modern environment with the world class team. We’re following GitHub flow, Code Reviews, communicating in Slack/Hangouts being distributed around the globe, we honor ChatOps, live Automation and Infrastructure as a Code.

This is a hybrid position, where you may find yourself doing pretty much everything: writing infrastructure tests, fixing automation workflows, improving CI/CD, releasing new version of StackStorm, reviewing others contributions, helping core developers to be more successful, learning new DevOps tool and writing integration for it, catching performance regressions or contributing to StackStorm/st2 core repo, helping community and advocating Self-Healing systems.


  • Strong experience in Systems Administration and Network
  • Python, bash is required as main scripting languages
  • Golang and Ruby knowledge is welcomed, – you might find several repos internally
  • Troubleshooting skills sometimes going extreme to telepathy while supporting our Community/Installations
  • Deep understanding of RHEL/CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu internals, deb/rpm packaging
  • Good AWS experience as main cloud platform and familiarity with other platforms GCE, OpenStack, Azure
  • Configuration management. Ansible, – main tool used internally, Chef and Puppet installation repositories supported by community
  • CI/CD: Travis, CircleCI, we’re using StackStorm itself for more complex workflows and deployments
  • Release management, – testing and publishing new StackStorm versions to open-source community
  • Containerization like Docker, familiarity with Swarm and Kubernetes orchestration engines
  • Polyglot experience with other DevOps tools, – we integrate with more tools every day and should know when and how to use them depending on situation
  • Curiosity, fast-learning, pursuit to improvements, great communication
  • Keeping finger on pulse of latest DevOps trends and commitment to Open Source
  • Leadership by promoting StackStorm, experimenting with different approaches and writing Blog posts about event-driven automation, ChatOps, participating in Conferences and whatnot.

StackStorm org in GitHub:
Tools used internally:

You’ll work on building OpenSource product which influence entire DevOps community and help solving problems for some top companies! We invite you to join StackStorm, change the world, write great code, speed the shift to DevOps automation and have a blast while doing it.

Sounds like a dream job?
Send us a message to moc.mrotskcatsnull@ofni

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