November Pack Roundup

December 1, 2017
by Lindsay Hill

Second to last month of the year, and updates to the StackStorm Exchange keep coming. New Terraform pack, major updates to Consul pack, and a bunch more updates. Read on for the details.

New Packs This Month

  • Terraform – are you codifying your infrastructure with Terraform? Check out the new actions for working with Terraform from StackStorm.
  • Consul OK, this is technically not a new pack, but it’s such a big overhaul of the old Consul pack that it might as well be. 9 new actions in this update. Note: If you are using this pack, pay close attention to the changes. Names have changed to make them consistent with the Consul APIs, and that might break your workflows.

Pack Updates

  • Zabbix adds more actions, including the ability to change a node status, and change maintenance windows.
  • Network Essentials now lets you send arbitrary configuration commands to Extreme VDX and SLX switches.
  • Device42: New actions and rules for handling device lifecycles. Check out this Device42 blog on working with Device42 and StackStorm.
  • Jira: New actions for attaching a file to an issue. Because who doesn’t want more Jira issues?
  • Napalm now lets you send some configuration commands, rather than having to specify a file.
  • Excel has been updated to support float and int keys and values.

Thanks to all the contributors for their work. It means a lot to us.