OpenStack Summit Barcelona Preview: Resiliency, High Availability, Adaptability, and Self-Healing with StackStorm Event-Driven Automation

StackStorm at OpenStack Summit Highlights:


We’re less than two weeks away from OpenStack Summit in Barcelona. The StackStorm team is looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones as we gather to share best practices and learn innovative approaches to delivering applications in the cloud.

Designing, deploying, and managing OpenStack, with an ever increasing number of components, services, and tools to choose from, is a complex process. With event-driven automation, StackStorm provides an elegant solution for greater resiliency, adaptability and auto-remediation of your OpenStack deployments.

You may have heard that event driven automation helps Facebook save 16,000 person-hours in operations each day. Do you ever wonder “How can I can accomplish this with my OpenStack cluster, and what tools will help me do it?” The closest answer you will find is StackStorm – an open-source, Apache 2.0 Licensed, event driven automation platform. StackStorm is built on the same premises as Facebook’s FBAR and used by many to automate their growing infrastructure, private and public cloud deployments, network infrastructure, security, and operations. Stop by the booth (you’ll find us in the Brocade booth # ) or sit in on the StackStorm theater presentation to learn about automatic troubleshooting and remediation of OpenStack infrastructure, minimizing downtime, and improving time to resolution. 
We’ll also be discussing how Neutron and StackStorm work together to dynamically provision L2 networks on demand for multi-tenant isolation inside OpenStack.

Our friends at Mirantis will also be sharing best practices around StackStorm. During their session “Sleep Better at Night: OpenStack Cloud Auto­-Healing “, they will be discussing how StackStorm event-driven automation, running on their 1000 node OpenStack cluster, helps to eliminate headaches, expedite incident response by “assisting” engineers with troubleshooting, and let’s their engineers sleep at night. They’ll share real life examples of how StackStorm can take care of your cloud when you sleep: not only basic operations like restarting nova-api, cleaning ceilometer logs, but also complex things like rebuilding rabbitmq cluster or fixing galera replication.

Mistral – the OpenStack workflow service – gained popularity and usage within the OpenStack community. We have been active contributors to Mistral from the outset of the project – it is the drivetrain of StackStorm event-driven auto-remediation platform. In Newton release, Mistral’s focus had been on resilience, high availability, and usability. We are doubling down on our support of Mistral in Ocata. You can meet Dmitri Zimine and Winson Chan, active members of the Mistral project at the Design Summit. This time around, in addition to participating in defining Mistral direction, we plan to explain to the OpenStack developer community how Mistal and StackStorm complement each other, and how StackStorm benefits the OpenStack community.

The topics above just scratch the surface of StackStorm capabilities. Stop by to see us and let’s unleash your imagination on how you can include StackStorm in your overall OpenStack automation strategy. If you know us—you know we’re passionate about event-driven automation. And if you are not already, you will be… once you see all the cool things StackStorm can do.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!