Minor update: v2.0.1

Sep 30, 2016
by Lindsay Hill

Hey folks, StackStorm v2.0.1 has been released, with a few small fixes and enhancements. We’ve also had some great code contributions recently, with a new integration for Datadog, and improvements to our Github and Nagios packs.

Read on for details, plus a few hints on what we’re up to next.

StackStorm v2.0.1

Mostly fixes and cleanups in this release:

  • Fixed the problem where st2actionrunner files could disappear after a while. Tracked it down to a problem with our logrotate config, of all things.
  • Using --attr with the st2 execution get command now correctly works with child properties of the result and trigger_instance dictionary.
  • The st2 trace list command and associated API endpoint now list traces sorted by start_timestamp in descending order by default. You can also specify sort order by adding ?sort_desc=True|False query parameters, or by passing --sort=asc|desc to the st2 trace list CLI command.
  • Action default parameter values now support Jinja template notation for parameters of type object.
  • st2 key delete properly supports --user/-u. It was supposed to. Now it actually does.
  • Fixed a bug in st2web where it would cache old parameter entries.

Updates are available via apt or yum. You can insert your own broken record comment here about “backup first, yada yada…”

Community Highlights

  • New integration with Datadog, with a huge set of supported actions. Thanks @sanecz!
  • Updated Github pack with support for managing releases and deployments, courtesy of jjm.
  • AWS pack update to allow processing more SQS messages.
  • HPE-ICSP bugfixes from Paul Mulvihill

Want to see the future?

The cool thing about StackStorm code development is being able to see the WIP PRs, before they get merged into the main codebase. Here’s some interesting pieces coming up:

  • Extend auth to secure ChatOps: The much-loved @anthonypjshaw just couldn’t wait for our planned works around improving security controls with ChatOps, so he’s jump-started things, putting together a great PR.
  • Pluggable runners: Our very own @BigMStone is doing work to let us treat runners as plugins. This should make it easier to add new runner types in future. Now I can finally write my actions in Visual Basic.
  • Pack Management: We want to make it easier to discover and share packs. This PR will lay the groundwork for that.

Watch out for them to get merged into future releases. If you’re really keen, try them out on your development systems, and pitch in with code & feedback!