Join StackStorm At PyCon 2015!

February 2, 2015

by Tomaz Muraus

PyCon has historically been the largest annual gathering of Python users and developers, having been attended by more than 2,500 people last year. The conference is a great opportunity for people with varying backgrounds (from beginners to seasoned Python veterans) to learn more about Python, the community and the ecosystem, as well as meet and talk with the developers and contributors of many popular Python libraries and frameworks.

This year’s PyCon is located at the same great place as last year’s event — Montreal, Canada.




Here at StackStorm we are big users and lovers of Python. In fact, the open-source StackStorm event driven automation platform is almost fully written in Python.


Being Python fans means we can’t miss such a prime opportunity to meet up with many other Python users and developers. In fact, this year three Stormers will be present at the conference: Evan, Patrick and Tomaz.

In addition to attending the conference, we will also have a booth (#607) in the expo hall, as well as two developers at the sprints (more on that below).

This is a great opportunity to learn more about our product, how we use Python and how our product can help you automate your infrastructure. Please don’t hesitate to stop by our booth, or say hi when you meet Stormers in the hallway.

Join Us At The Sprint

In addition to the conference, which takes place April 10-12, Tomaz and Patrick will attend the development sprints, which take place following the conference, April 13-16.

Sprints are a great way to learn and work on an open-source project of your choosing. Joining our StackStorm sprint will help you familiarize yourself with our project, code base and learn how to get more out of StackStorm. Additionally, it’s also a great opportunity to participate in the development and contribute to the open source project.

In addition to the work on the StackStorm platform itself, we will also be working on the integration packs. Integration packs allow you to share automations as code and integrate StackStorm with many third party applications, services and products.

Integrations can be written in an arbitrary programming language, which is great for re-using existing automation scripts, but if you want tighter integration and control, you can write actions and sensors in Python using the Python API we provide. Python is a first-class citizen language for writing integrations.

If you would like to contribute to an existing pack or integrate StackStorm with an application or service we don’t currently support, you are welcome to join us and learn from the stormers.


If you are attending PyCon, please stop by our booth (#607) in the exhibit hall. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about our product or project, and help you get started.

Lastly, you are also very welcome to join us at the sprints where we can help you learn more about StackStorm and integrate it with applications, services or projects we don’t currently support.  If you don’t want to wait until PyCon to catch up with us, check out our latest features and integrations via the StackStorm community web page, or signup for our monthly newsletter.