Dmitri Zimine

Chief Stormer & Co-Founder

Dmitri Zimine is the “Chief Stormer” and Co-Founder of StackStorm. Amongst Dmitri’s credits are helping to lead the first wave of operations automation while serving as lead architect and head of engineering at Opalis. Opalis invented “run book automation” before being acquired by Microsoft in 2009 and is now System Center Orchestrator.

Most recently Dmitri was at VMware, leading the vSphere Client team through four major releases and working on a variety of related projects. In this role Dmitri also led a successful transition of vSphere Client to a new technology stack.

Dmitri holds a PhD in Mathematics and Physics from Tomsk State University in Russia.

Winson Chan


Winson Chan is a Stormer at StackStorm focused on product development. He is skilled in designing and developing self-service, automated solutions for orchestrating deployment and management of VM stacks in the enterprise hybrid cloud. He is also savvy in operating OpenStack for private cloud, having contributed code to various projects in OpenStack.

Previously, Winson was a Solution Architect for Intel, where he gained 10+ years of experience developing software and services for enterprise data center and system management.

Winson holds a BS in Physiology from the University of California at Davis, and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Patrick Hoolboom


Patrick Hoolboom is a Stormer at StackStorm with a strong passion for DevOps. He is driven by a desire to leverage configuration management tools and build custom scripts to improve processes across an organization. Patrick has served as a compelling voice of the company and industry, authoring several blogs and speaking at many events on behalf of StackStorm.

Patrick brings 7+ years of experience building and running a fast-paced DevOps environment, most recently at Cloudmark. He is well versed in Puppet, Chef, Nagios, NewRelic, Logstash and more, and is enthusiastic about sharing operational templates and open sourcing processes.

In September 2013, Patrick wrote a server option for the Internet of Things. He holds an AS in Computer Engineering from South Seattle Community College.

Lakshmi Kannan


At StackStorm, Lakshmi Kannan is building a predictable, performant and usable product that will question the way many companies run operations.

Prior to StackStorm, Lakshmi worked at Amazon and Rackspace building highly available, low latency distributed systems. He has built a range of products including network simulators, network emulators, NoSQL databases, monitoring systems, metrics databases and cloud management systems.

Lakshmi holds a BS in Electronics from Madras Institute of Technology in Chennai, India, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas. He speaks Tamil, English, Telugu, Hindi and Italian.

Manas Kelshikar


Manas Kelshikar is a Stormer at StackStorm, where he is helping to develop the product. Manas previously worked at VMware as a member of the vSphere client team, where he contributed to the architecture and implementation of the next generation product. He also contributed to the VMware NSX-vSphere management products with a primary focus on management of L2 in a virtualized network. Manas spent the majority of his time at VMware working on problems associated with reliably configuring and managing distributed systems.

Manas holds a BS in Electronics from the University of Mumbai in India, and a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.

Winson holds a BS in Physiology from the University of California at Davis, and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Tomaz Muraus


Tomaz Muraus is a Stormer at StackStorm where he is helping to build the product. Tomaz previously worked at Cloudkick, Rackspace and DivvyCloud where he was building and operating highly performant and highly available distributed systems. His latest work at Rackspace includes Service Registry, an API-driven cloud service which allows users to react to changes faster and build highly-available and decoupled applications and services.

Tomaz is a big supporter and proponent of open systems and open-source software. He has started, participated in development and contributed to countless of open-source projects written in many different programming languages, raging from very low level to very high level ones. Additionally, he is a project chair and main developer of Apache Libcloud, an open-source project that deals with cloud interoperability.

Tomaz holds a BS in Computer Science from University of Maribor in Slovenia.