[Press Release] StackStorm Launches Open Source Software To Improve Operations Automation

November 3, 2014

StackStorm delivers enhanced productivity within highly automated DevOps environments; expands team to drive growth in open source community

PARIS (OpenStack Summit 2014, booth E2) – November 3, 2014 –StackStorm, a software company leading the third wave of operations automation, today announced the release of StackStorm 0.5, open source software for operations automation. Available in private beta since spring 2014, the open source software is now accessible for technology companies and enterprises to manage the integration and automation of their environments, such as tying together continuous integration (CI), continuous deployments (CD), ongoing troubleshooting and remediation and more.

To keep pace with increasing business demands and to expand the company’s presence in the open source community, StackStorm has also brought on new team members that have contributed to progress in DevOps and OpenStack. Former operations hacker at GitHub and PuppetLabs, James Fryman has joined as a DevOps Stormer, and Tomaz Muraus, project chair of Apache Libcloud who most recently worked at Rackspace, has taken on the role of software engineer. In addition, Don Jaworski, member of the board of directors at SwiftStack and a well-regarded leader and advisor of infrastructure companies, has joined as an advisor.

“In our DevOps studies, the need for end-to-end orchestration and integration in the tool chain tend to top the list of gaps that DevOps teams are encountering,” said Michael Coté, research director, infrastructure software, 451 Research. “There’s a lot of work to be done here, so it’s great to see folks like StackStorm rolling up their sleeves.”

By tying together existing infrastructure and applications environments, StackStorm helps organizations automate their environments in a simplified and transparent manner, reducing the risk that the automation itself becomes a fragile bottleneck, and enabling the 10-100x productivity improvements of highly automated DevOps environments.

Leveraging StackStorm, organizations are able to define, and share (as code) operational patterns both inside their organization and across the broader DevOps and OpenStack communities. These operational patterns can be comprised of events linked to decisions and actions with the help of workflows as well as metadata about the performance of these patterns. Additionally, StackStorm adds audit, access controls, rich APIs, user interfaces, and bi-directional integration into collaboration environments like chat and more to act as an overall automation library and integration layer.

“DevOps is a profound improvement in the building and operation of technology. Automation that ties together and improves each phase of the technology development pipeline is crucial for DevOps to continue to transform IT,” said Evan Powell, co-founder and CEO of StackStorm. “StackStorm’s code is Apache open source, and our community includes fellow developers and also many operators who may have suggestions as to what integrations and operational patterns they’d like to adopt. We are thrilled to welcome James, Tomaz and Don to the team as their experience is already playing a major role as we grow StackStorm into a leader of the current wave of operations automation.”

StackStorm works with the solutions typically found in today’s operational environments, including OpenStack, AWS, Docker, Jenkins, Bamboo, PagerDuty, HipChat, Slack and more – absorbing events and taking actions.

Additional integrations and automations can be found on the StackStorm community page at /community/. To download and install StackStorm 0.5 open source software, please visit www.stackstorm.com/start-now/.

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