Serverless’ Event Gateway explained for StackStorm users

October 10, 2017
by Dmitri Zimine

In Part 1 of the series, I shared my excitement with two new event-driven systems introduced last month: Event Grid from Microsoft Azure and Event Gateway from, and posted some observations on Event Grid.

Before we continue with Event Gateway, let’s bring the “terminology normalization” from Part 1. In the table below StackStorm terms are used as as a reference point for our blog’s regular readers, along with a short explanation of their meaning for the guests.


Microsoft Azure Event Grid explained for StackStorm users

October 05, 2017
by Dmitri Zimine

Two new event-driven systems were introduced last month. Event Grid from Microsoft Azure and Event Gateway from were launched two days apart from each other. An event that triggered these announcements seem to be emitted by Emit conference on serverless. Serverless computing became a primary driver for the event-centric approach, and as serverless architectural patterns emerged, the need for a dedicated event router became apparent.


September Pack Updates: Usability

Time for our monthly roundup of new packs on the StackStorm Exchange. This time it’s a new pack for Extreme Networks devices, and usability improvements to the Email, Ansible, Sensu and Napalm packs.


Quick One: ST2 2.4.1 is Released

September 18, 2017
by Lindsay Hill

Quick note today: We quietly published StackStorm 2.4.1 last week. Nothing major, just a few bug fixes.

First one: Mistral shutdown with systemd is much faster. The issue has been resolved upstream. We’ve fixed a couple more Mistral-related issues, including better handling of Unicode results.

For our RBAC users, we have fixed a problem where the the system user was being used for pack installation, not the actual user who requested the pack install.

Usual update process applies (backup first!!!).

StackStorm at SRECon Dublin 2017

The Event: 30th August – 1st September 2017, SRECon EMEA 2017, Dublin, Ireland

Event organiser: Usenix

Site Reliability Engineering is very much the natural evolution of the trusted system administrator and most would agree the SRE role embodies the core principles of DevOps. Google consider these people consultative and of huge value. Software for the masses has changed from monolithic monsters to complex architectures, driving the adoption of new skill sets required for system administrators to evolve to an SRE. It’s no longer about restarting large services at 3am; it’s about keeping the cattle alive and producing milk, whilst at the same time ensuring that the machinery is understood and utilised correctly. This could mean writing custom components to help with performance, availability, telemetry, reporting, managing workloads and dealing with alerts etc. For this gathering of SREs, Usenix chose the location and venue well. Ireland is a techhub for many start-ups and established organisations, most if not all have SREs under employment. Some 600+ people were booked in to the event, with huge attendance from the likes of Demonware, Facebook, Google and Indeed. Many smaller organisations and individuals were also in attendance to gain from the experience of others.


August Pack Updates

August has rolled on by, but our Northern Hemisphere users have not been taking a break over summer: StackStorm Exchange updates continue, with new packs and updates. This time, we also have a request for our AWS pack users.


New and Improved StackStorm Docker Images!

August 30, 2017
by Warren Van Winckel

Tagged Images

For a little while now, the stackstorm/stackstorm docker image has been tagged with the version of StackStorm that comes pre-installed in the image. Now, you can pin your installation to a specific release of StackStorm! Images tagged with “latest” contain the most recent StackStorm release at the time it was tagged.

The stackstorm/stackstorm:2.4.0 image will always contain the 2.4.0 release of stackstorm. The previous release, 2.3.2, is available at stackstorm/stackstorm:2.3.2. We never again update stackstorm/stackstorm:2.3.2 after 2.4.0 is released. Any feature changes to st2-docker will only ever apply to the most recent stackstorm image.


What’s This? StackStorm 2.4 Already?

We had said we were planning on releasing StackStorm 2.4 in September. Well, we changed our mind: StackStorm 2.4 has just been released. We wanted to get some of these new features out now, rather than wait. Pack UI, Workflow pause & resume, ChatOps fixes, and more. Read on to see what we’ve done.

Web UI:

Ooh boy, lots of stuff has been happening here. The first feature you’ll see is the new “Packs” tab:


StackStorm Centralized Logging with Graylog

August 22, 2017
By Nick Maludy of Encore Technologies

Want to implement centralized logging for your StackStorm deployment? Read on to find out how to send your StackStorm logs to Graylog, and produce pretty dashboards like this:


July Exchange Update

July 31st, 2017
by Lindsay Hill

The StackStorm Exchange saw several new packs during July, along with some updates to old favorites. Read on for a roundup of interesting happenings:


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