StackStorm Web UI Updates in v3.8.0

Nov 14, 2022

By Dylan Lundquist, Youssef Akallal, Eugen Cusmaunsa from @Bitovi

The StackStorm team is preparing the v3.8 release, and we'd like to highlight some new features and enhancements that are coming up in the Web UI.

Auto-Save Workflow

New feature allows auto-saving workflow on the fly while editing it (#965).

Outside of that, some corner case fixes (#862, #961) were made when saving the workflow.

Keep in mind that while the workflows are saved in the StackStorm database, we still recommend to maintain your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in sync with the manual changes, so you can redeploy the same StackStorm cluster configuration anytime.

Don't lose your work!

New Hotkey Shortcuts

Implemented in (#917, #963, #991), outside of existing shortcuts like undo/redo that were present in v3.7, we've added new hotkey shortcuts when using the StackStorm Workflow Designer.

To recap, here are all the hotkey shortcuts that you can use:

  • Ctrl/Cmd + O — open a workflow in a new workflow composer tab.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + C/X/V — copy/cut/paste existing objects.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Z — undo the previous operation.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Z — redo the previous operation.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + S — save the workflow.

Be more productive with the new hotkeys!

Support for the Rule Search Criteria

We added support for the search operator in the UI for adding/editing a rule (#492, #964, #992). When search is selected as the criteria type, the criteria form changes. Instead of pattern, a condition field appears where you can choose between all, any, any2any or all2any. Then you can add multiple search patterns. Each search pattern has a name, a type, and a pattern string. You can add search pattern rows using the plus icon, and a delete icon allows removing each one.

Learn more about the search operator at stackstorm documentation.

Security Hardening

There's an additional security enhancement that will come out in the upcoming v3.8.0, so stay tuned for the official StackStorm release announcements soon.


We hope the enhancements will improve the overall user experience when working with Web UI and make it easier to play with StackStorm.

These features were contributed by @Bitovi, one of the official StackStorm partners providing StackStorm Professional Services. We're glad to contribute back to StackStorm open-source and improve the tool while collaborating with StackStorm TSC and the partners.

As usual, you can join the StackStorm Open Source Community in Slack, subscribe to StackStorm Twitter and LinkedIn to not miss the upcoming v3.8.0 release update!