StackStorm connects all your apps, services, and workflows.

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Robust Automation Engine

From simple if/then rules to complicated workflows, StackStorm lets you automate DevOps your way.


Integrates with your Existing Infrastructure

No need to change your existing processes or workflows, StackStorm connects what you already have.

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Community is what makes a good product great. StackStorm is used by a lot of people around the world, and you can always count on getting answers to your questions.

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Partners work with StackStorm to provide significant on-going support helping the project.

Encore Technologies

Limitless Business Applications

Stackstorm can be used to automate and streamline nearly any part of your business. Here are some of the most common applications.

Automated Remediation

When failures happen, StackStorm can act as Tier 1 support: It troubleshoots, fixes known problems, and escalates to humans when needed.

Continuous Deployment

Continuous deployment can get complex, beyond Jenkins or other specialized opinionated tools. Automate advanced CI/CD pipelines your way.

ChatOps Optimization

ChatOps brings automation and collaboration together; transforming devops teams to get things done better, faster, and with style.

Automated Security Response

Security issues are serious and need to be addressed quickly. Stackstorm can ensure that your response is consistent, always on, and faster than ever.

Netflix used StackStorm to build Winston, an event driven diagnostic and remediation platform

Learn how Netflix used Stackstorm as their underlying engine to host and execute their runbooks.