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Event Observations From DevOps Enterprise and Bank of America / Merrill Lynch Technology Innovation Summit


by Evan Powell


This week’s DevOps Enterprise Summit 2014 (#DOES14) and Bank of America / Merrill Lynch Technology Innovation Summit (#BofAMLTech) have both been great experiences for StackStorm. In this blog I’d like to share a couple of observations that may be of broad interest.


1. Soft stuff being addressed:


DevOps is about much more than tools. It is fundamentally about a better way of designing, building and operating technology. It all comes down to people working better together as a team. That much we all know.


So I was not surprised when many speakers mentioned the above points. I was, however, somewhat surprised that Bank of America, Barclay’s, Target and many other organizations said they are successfully addressing both the quality of their teams in terms of training and expertise and the ways that they are being convinced or at least encouraged to adopt a better way of working [...]

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