StackStorm is leading the third wave of operations automation. We work hard to deliver the 10-100x productivity improvements of highly automated DevOps environments to the broader market. We want operations automations to be more powerful, easier to author, fully transparent, and self-learning.

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  • DevOps

    DevOps approaches are already revolutionizing industries based on software, which is much of the world. DevOps is a great force for good. StackStorm looks forward to collaborating with you.

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  • Integrators

    Contact us to learn more about StackStorm's beta product and partner program. Your input and leadership is hugely valuable. We “get it” and look forward to partnering with you.

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  • OpenStack

    We help lead pieces of the OpenStack community. Today’s StackStorm users are OpenStack users with a DevOps mindset and that have already started migration towards automation.

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Introductory Video

Join StackStorm’s First “DevOps Automation” Online Feedback Session July 22


At StackStorm, our mission is to lead the third wave of operations automation and enable everyone to achieve the 10-100x productivity improvements that highly automated DevOps operators achieve. We’ve been in private beta for more than a month now, and think it’s time to share our story with DevOps and IT communities.


On Tuesday, July 22, we will host our first interactive web meeting focused on DevOps automation, and we welcome your participation! [...]

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