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OpenStack Automation Meetup: Impressions

meetup - 200

by Evan Powell


Last night StackStorm hosted a San Francisco / Silicon Valley OpenStack Meetup at our offices in Palo Alto. Our CTO and co-founder Dmitri Zimine – who is one of the world’s experts at operations automation – led the group through a review of twenty OpenStack projects that have to do with operations automation.


I won’t walk you through all the content. You can see some of it in his recent series of articles for for example here.


A few highlights if you did not make it:


At the risk of using a very broad brush, my sense is that we are not seeing great progress in OpenStack specific automation projects. And even some of the leading projects – Heat most notably – seem to be more and more focused solely on OpenStack, whereas autoscaling often (at least in design) implies scaling across multiple clouds, that may or not be OpenStack (for example, they may well be AWS).  We’ve seen that lead to Heat not being trusted for use across clouds even though enabling scaling across different types of clouds as a use case was supposed to be embraced by Heat [...]

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