StackStorm 2.3: Something for Everyone!

June 19, 2017
By Lindsay Hill

StackStorm 2.3 is out, and there’s something in it for everyone. Big API improvements for developers, Web UI fixes for users, and RBAC & LDAP enhancements for Enterprise customers. Plus plenty of pack changes for everyone. Here’s the full details:


Monitorama 2017: Data Science, Discussions, and Deep Dives

June 7, 2017
by Matt Oswalt

The team here at StackStorm was psyched to sponsor Monitorama 2017. This was the first Monitorama we attended, and it was an interesting new take on the world of monitoring. A proper monitoring infrastructure is key crucial for event-driven automation, in order to better understand what an “event” is.


PagerDuty Pack Update – API v2

May 30, 2017
by Warren Van Winckel

We have updated the PagerDuty pack to use the “pypd” library, maintained by PagerDuty. Previously we were using the “pygerduty” library, maintained by DropBox. Key point to note is that “pygerduty” uses version 1 of the PagerDuty API, and “pypd” uses version 2.

We needed to update to v2 because PagerDuty will not be supporting version 1 of their API after July 6, 2017. As a consequence of the migration to the latest API, any existing Stackstorm and PagerDuty users should update their packs and configurations now. You will need to change the way some actions are called because the API has changed and some new parameters are required:

st2 run pagerduty.acknowledge_incident email=’’ ids=<incident-ids>

st2 run pagerduty.resolve_incident email=’’ ids=<incident-ids>


StackStorm on Docker Grows Up: Mistral, Community Maintainers and more…

May 23, 2017
by Warren Van Winckel

Mistral Now Included

A month ago, we launched the stackstorm image. We continued working on this and now it’s, hmm… ready! Well, software is never ready so how do we mean it? The image now contains Mistral, fixed bugs, new features. You can now perform everything with StackStorm using this image. The stackstorm image now contains st2, st2web and st2mistral!


Ansible playbooks to deploy StackStorm: BWC, ChatOps and more

May 15, 2017 by Eugen

Ansible Playbooks v0.7.0 to deploy StackStorm: bwc, st2chatops and more

As you may know, previously we announced availability of Ansible production-friendly playbooks to install & configure StackStorm for cases when our demo bash installer wasn’t sufficient.

With the new release v0.7.0 you can do even more!

This version includes new bwc and st2chatops roles, features like passing settings to st2.conf, enhancements to use custom SSL certificate for st2web, more documentation use-cases, some breaking changes and of course, bug fixes.


StackStorm at OpenStack Summit Boston 2017

May 4, 2017
by Dana Christensen


The world runs on open infrastructure. At the OpenStack Summit, you’ll learn about the mix of open technologies building the modern infrastructure stack, including OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker, network automation and more. From integrating legacy applications, to self-healing clouds, robotics and network automation the StackStorm open source event driven automation platform provides DevOps teams a powerful, flexible, and reliable solution to take your cloud to the next level. Be sure to stop by the StackStorm booth to meet the StackStorm team, and learn how you can integrate the StackStorm event driven automation platform with your OpenStack cloud

StackStorm at OpenStack Summit Boston Highlights:

– Booth: D26

– Booth Demo: Robot actions controlled by StackStorm event driven automation

– Presentations:

The StackStorm team is looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones as we gather to share best practices and learn innovative approaches to delivering applications in the cloud.

Designing, deploying, and managing OpenStack, with an ever increasing number of components, services, and tools to choose from, is a complex process. With event-driven automation, StackStorm provides an elegant solution for greater resiliency, adaptability and auto-remediation of your OpenStack deployments.

The topics above just scratch the surface of StackStorm capabilities. In fact, one of the greatest strengths of StackStorm is its community- with over 2000 integrations to date. Check out StackStorm Exchange – home to dozens of integrations with most of tools you already know and use.

Stop by to see us at the booth and let’s unleash your imagination on how you can include StackStorm in your overall OpenStack automation strategy. If you know us—you know we’re passionate about event-driven automation. And if you are not already a Stormer, you will be… once you see all the cool things StackStorm can do.

We look forward to seeing you in Boston!

Official StackStorm Docker Image is Here!

Apr 21, 2017
by Warren Van Winckel

StackStorm containers on Docker

At long last, the official StackStorm Docker image is available on Docker Hub! Now you can skip the installation hurdles and jump right into evaluating StackStorm, or building automations faster than ever.

Hello! I’m Warren, one of the newest members of the StackStorm team, and maintainer of the new StackStorm/st2-docker Github repo.

You’ve been asking for StackStorm as a Docker image for a long time. We’ve asked you to use our images, which have served us well internally for our package and build infrastructure. But you deserve something better. Something built especially for you, the user. Here it comes!


Ensuring Network Configuration Consistency with StackStorm + NAPALM

Apr 11, 2017
by Matt Oswalt

If you’ve been paying attention to the news around new StackStorm integrations, you may have noticed the NAPALM pack was created a few weeks ago. For those unfamiliar with NAPALM, it’s a Python library that provides a multi-vendor abstraction layer for interacting with network devices like routers and switches (for those not working in the network industry, you can think of NAPALM as “libcloud” for your network).  This is really useful for doing network automation, because it means you only need to write a script (or a StackStorm action) once, targeting this library, and it’s immediately usable against the 10+ network vendors supported by NAPALM (a list that is growing all the time).


Bugs, fixes, security updates: It’s ST2 2.2.1

April 5, 2017
by Lindsay Hill

StackStorm 2.2.1 has been released, incorporating the usual array of improvements, bug fixes, and this time a BWC-specific security update. Read on for details.

StackStorm at SREcon 2017

March 23, 2017
by Matt Oswalt

StackStorm was proud to once again exhibit at SREcon this year in San Francisco. If you haven’t attended SREcon before, there’s really no better place to get in touch with so many SRE professionals that are pushing the envelope and redefining what it means to run a modern operations team.

This year, we brought a quite nifty, flashy demonstration that one of our core developers Matt Stone put together, involving Raspberry Pis, LEDs, and – of course – StackStorm! (He’s @BigMStone on twitter – tweet at him and tell him to write his own blog post on his creation – it’s really cool!)


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