Quick update: v2.1.1 published

December 20, 2016
by Lindsay Hill

Just in case you missed it, we published StackStorm v2.1.1 late last week. This is a minor update, on top of the major changes to pack management we made with 2.1.

There’s a few small bugfixes and enhancements:

  • core.http now supports HTTP basic auth and digest authentication.
  • Local action runner supports unicode parameter keys and values.
  • Improved error handling and more user-friendly messages for packs commands and APIs.

Full details in the Changelog.

This is a recommended update for all v2.1.0 users. Use yum or apt to upgrade your system. If you’re not yet running v2.1.0, make sure you read all the Upgrade Notes. There were some significant changes in v2.1, and it may break your custom packs. It’s worth it though, we promise.