Tutorial of the Week: Cassandra Auto-Remediation

October 2, 2015
by Evan Powell

Let’s get right to it.

This week we feature a tutorial that published last week.  It has to do with auto-remediating your environment.  The tutorial focuses on using StackStorm to auto-remediation Cassandra; it was published at the Cassandra Summit after all – building on Netflix’s use of StackStorm for that use case.

remediation cassandra

However – and here is the kicker – keep in mind StackStorm is basically a giant lego set.  The pattern outlined in the tutorial works.  Not Cassandra?  OK, have a different source of events and a different target for your actions.  MySql?  MongoDB?  Heck, even Oracle?  It can take you just a matter of minutes to adapt this tutorial to your needs.

And if you do contribute back some remediation patterns – your name can appear in lights as a guest blogger.  Ping us on our community channel on Slack and we can help you adapt the pattern this blog highlights to your particular circumstances.  

Here’s that tutorial:  /2015/09/22/auto-remediating-bad-hosts-in-cassandra-cluster-with-stackstorm/

And the GIF from the tutorial.  Have at it!