More Packs, More Fixes

August 17, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

Time for another roundup of recent StackStorm Exchange pack updates. It’s easy to miss the new packs and updates to old ones. This month it’s Bolt, Backups, Slack, Jenkins and more. Read on for details.

New & Updated Packs

  • Puppet Bolt: Bolt is a new tool from Puppet for running ad-hoc tasks across your infrastructure. Now you can run those tasks as StackStorm actions.
  • Slack: The Slack pack has had a major overhaul. Previously all actions used HTTP GET. This mostly worked…except when it didn’t. Now they use the Slack-preferred action – POST, PUT, etc. The pack has also been updated with the most recent changes to the Slack API.
  • VMware vSphere: new action vsphere.vm_guest_info added to retrieve details about a guest.
  • Jenkins: Two new actions, to rebuild the last job, and to list jobs by regex pattern. Because everyone loves regex, right?
  • AWS Boto3: A new create_instance workflow is a good example of a complete instance creation workflow.
  • Terraform: The pipeline workflow has been fixed.
  • Redis: New redis.get action.

Napalm pack changes

I’ve been making a couple of changes to the Napalm network automation pack. You can now use a secret parameter, to pass in an enable password for those devices that need it.

I also have a related PR that supports the use of SSH keys for authentication, rather than passwords. This needs testing though. If you can, please install the pack with st2 pack install napalm=ssh_key, and test it out. If we get some reports that all is OK, I’ll merge it.

As always, thanks to all contributors.