ST2 2.8.1 plus Exchange Pack Updates

July 17, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

Using packs from the StackStorm Exchange? Here’s a roundup of recent updates, including new packs for Algosec, Cisco ACI and AWS Boto3, along with fixes and updates for Slack, MySQL, Zabbix, RabbitMQ and more. We’ve also released StackStorm 2.8.1, with a few small fixes since 2.8. Details below:

StackStorm 2.8.1

We’ve fixed a few small issue in StackStorm since last week’s 2.8 release.

  • The password: parameter for the http_runner is now marked secret: true, so it will properly mask passwords in the logs.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with secret: true not being properly applied to entire object/array parameters.
  • Installing st2client using pip? It will now properly add all requirements, and this will stay in synch.
  • Improved the st2 for better auto-detection of terminal width, and a better default if auto-detection fails.

New Packs

Three new packs this time around:

Updates and Fixes

Lots of smaller updates – new actions, bugfixes, etc.

  • Consul: Fixes for the “agent_service_register” action.
  • Terraform: The “apply” action now automatically approves changes.
  • MySQL: New UPDATE action, and Unicode fixes.
  • Slack: The “files.upload” action now uses POST.
  • Cloudflare: We’ve finally switched to the python-cloudflare library, and added actions.
  • Twitter: Want to upload a picture with that automated Tweet? Now you can.
  • Zabbix: New actions for handling hosts with multiple IDs.
  • EXOS: You can now send multiple commands at once.
  • RabbitMQ: We’ve updated the underlying pika library.
  • Email: Small fixes for better Unicode handling.

If you’re using any of the above packs, we recommend updating.

Thanks to all those who contributed.