Recent Exchange Updates

June 3, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

Here’s a few of the recent updates to StackStorm Exchange. New packs for Check Point, Infoblox, Cisco ACI and vCloud Director, and CircleCI 2.0 migration complete. Here’s the details:

New Packs This Month

  • Check Point: Check Point firewalls have been a long-term staple in many datacenters. Your author once spent much of his life dealing with the “peculiar” challenges of Check Point firewalls. Now you can write StackStorm threat response workflows to block IP addresses using Check Point.
  • Infoblox: Infoblox is a very popular IPAM, DHCP, and DNS system. Thanks to Anthony Shaw and his colleagues at Dimension Data for this great contribution.
  • Cisco ACI: Cisco ACI provides software-defined data center networking. You can now write workflows to do things such as create Application Profiles, Endpoint Groups, VRFs, etc.
  • vCloud Director: VMware’s vCloud Director can be used to provision SDDC services. Thanks to Paul Mulvihill for this pack providing VCD actions.

CircleCI 2.0

All Exchange packs have been switched to use CircleCI 2.0 for CI tests. Well ahead of the August 31 2018 1.0 sunset. Every pack has had its circle.yml file updated and moved to .circleci/config.yml. This change triggered a rebuild on all packs, which in turn identified linting issues in some packs. This is generally due to updated pylint/flake8 versions picking up a few new issues, sometimes its due to pip dependency changes. So if you’re paying attention, you will have seen quite a few minor linting changes to packs. This means a small version bump. We recommend updating your packs.

PS: If you’re ever looking to boost your GitHub contributor score, making a change across all Exchange packs is a great way to do it. Or so I hear 🙂

As always, thanks to all contributors.