Patch Patch Patch: StackStorm 2.7.2

Hey folks – StackStorm 2.7.2 has been released. We’ve fixed a bug affecting sensors, improved Jinja rendering, fixed a couple of Web UI bugs and improved the LDAP & RBAC handling for Enterprise users. This is a recommended update for all users. Read on for the details.

Changes & Fixes

  • Sensors that use select.poll() were broken in 2.7 due to eventlet changes. This has been fixed.
  • Pack configuration now properly renders Jinja expressions when lists are used.
  • Config rendering error messages are now a bit easier to understand.
  • Web UI links to actions from the Rules tab now work properly.
  • The Web UI no longer crashes if your action metadata includes a custom object that has a secret parameter.

Enterprise Enhancements

A couple of improvements to LDAP & RBAC handling, especially for those people using automatic group -> role synchronization:

  • Cache users group information for 120s. This reduces the load on the LDAP server.
  • Fix a race condition where not all groups would be synchronized if the user re-authenticated witht the same token within a short window.

Details of fixes and changes are in the changelog.

As ever, thanks to all those who contributed in some way, via code, bug reports, and feature requests.

Backup First!

Packages are now available in apt and yum repos. Backup first, then follow the General Upgrade procedure to upgrade.

Having a problem? Get in touch via Slack or GitHub.