More Packs, More Actions, and a new Forum

April 20, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

We’ve got a few things to cover here – firstly we have a new forum for seeking help and sharing ideas, and we have good bunch of recent updates to StackStorm Exchange packs. There’s new packs for Redis & Kayako, and updates to the Slack, Email, Jira, and Palo Alto packs. Here’s the details:

New Forum!

You know we love Slack. But sometimes Slack isn’t the best choice. Conversations are ephemeral, Google doesn’t index them, and sometimes the person who knows the answer just isn’t online at that time. So we’ve created Slack is still very much in use, and is great for real-time conversations, but the forum is better for things that will stay around – e.g. FAQs and How-tos.

New and Updated Packs This Month

  • Palo Alto: @lampwins has been busy here, fixing bugs, adding features, and generally improving this pack.
  • Slack: @vutny and @chandugit wrote some great updates here, adding the ability to use a specific webhook URL when posting, and cleaning up the auto-generation code and updating it in line with Slack’s recent API changes.
  • AWS: A small but useful fix for actions which operate on tags.
  • Email: Now you can send HTML emails, and add attachments.
  • Jira: Custom fields are now returned when searching issues.
  • Redis: This is a new pack for working with Redis.
  • Kayako: New pack for working with the Kayako customer ticketing system.

Thanks to all those who made contributions, we deeply appreciate it.