Double Packs Update

February 2, 2018
by Lindsay Hill

No packs update over Christmas because we were taking a break – so here’s a double helping of updates to packs on the StackStorm Exchange. We have new packs for Palo Alto Networks, CloudShark, updates to the OpenStack, NetBox, Device42 packs, and a bunch of bugfixes, including Consul, ServiceNow, Cisco Spark and more. Here’s the details:

New Packs This Month

  • Palo Alto: Palo Alto Networks firewalls have become very popular, with good reason. Now you can use ST2 to block threats on PAN in response to events.
  • CloudShark: CloudShark is like Wireshark in your browser. This pack uploads a PCAP file to CloudShark, and returns the URL to view that in your browser.So you can run something like this:
    [email protected]:~$ st2 run cloudshark.upload file_path=/home/stanley/pcaps/st2_leaf1_fbd3aca6-4ac5-4638-869f-5e2dd4779cc9.pcap
    id: 5a692f9d99c96b2815dbf6b7
    status: succeeded (2s elapsed)
    file_path: /home/stanley/pcaps/st2_leaf1_fbd3aca6-4ac5-4638-869f-5e2dd4779cc9.pcap
    exit_code: 0
    filename: st2_leaf1_fbd3aca6-4ac5-4638-869f-5e2dd4779cc9.pcap
    status_code: 200
    text: ‘{“id”:”ae5b12006b47″,”filename”:”st2_leaf1_fbd3aca6-4ac5-4638-869f-5e2dd4779cc9.pcap”}’
    stderr: ”
    stdout: ”
    [email protected]:~$
    Follow the the link to see the PCAP:

    Nifty eh?

Pack Updates

  • NetBox now supports virtualization endpoints, such as clusters, virtual machines, etc.
  • Device42: More actions to help with device provisioning and network lifecycle automation. Be sure to read some of their great blogs that show this in action.
  • OpenStack: Some network-related actions are not available via the Python OpenStack Client. Now you can use these via Neutron. Check the README to learn more.

We also have minor fixes & updates to the Jira, AWS, Cisco Spark, Salt, ServiceNow, Consul, Napalm and Ghost2logger packs. If you’re using any of those packs, you will probably want to update them, with st2 pack install <pack>.

As always, thanks to everyone who helped in some way.