August Pack Updates

August has rolled on by, but our Northern Hemisphere users have not been taking a break over summer: StackStorm Exchange updates continue, with new packs and updates. This time, we also have a request for our AWS pack users.

AWS Pack: Your Input Needed

The AWS pack has had a lot of changes this year, and we’re now going through some growing pains. Challenges include pack size (over 3,500 actions!), and a mix of boto2 and boto3. We have an open GitHub issue discussing the future of this pack. We would love to get input from more people using this pack – as always, we want to make things better for our users.

New Pack: vRealize Automation

This new pack includes actions and ChatOps aliases for working with VMware’s vRealize Automation. Check out this post from Martez Reed. Thanks!

Updates to Old Favorites

Here’s some updates and fixes to some existing packs:

  • Napalm: you can now specify the port as a configuration parameter. It was always an optional action parameter, but can now be supplied via configuration.
  • ActiveDirectory: fixed an issue where module loading could confuse pywinrm into thinking an error had occurred. But it hadn’t. Now it doesn’t get confused anymore.
  • Ansible: pack install now includes the necessary dependencies to run playbooks against Windows hosts.
  • Tuleap: New actions, and a change to the underlying Python library location.
  • Slack: we fixed a bug we’d introduced when switching to new Slack APIs, and stopped logging potentially sensitive info.
  • ACOS: Updated version of the acos-client library to use AXAPI 3.0 for changing member status of a ServiceGroup.
  • ActiveCampaign: Fixed a bug with the webhook sensor, where it could block if receiving multiple requests. Could be a problem if you had a busy system.
  • vSphere: You can now set the VM IP address when creating a VM from template.

Thanks to all those that contributed with code and bug reports.

More Contributions Always Welcome

Got an idea for a new pack? Or maybe you’ve written an internal pack, and you’d love to see your name beside so many other cool people at the StackStorm Exchange? Open a Pull Request against the exchange-incubator repo, and we’ll help you through the rest.