StackStorm 2.3.2: Summer of Bugfixes Continues

July 29, 2017
by Lindsay Hill

The Summer of Bugfixes continues here at StackStorm. The team has put together another patch release, fixing a few annoyances, cleaning up some old bugs, and making StackStorm all-around easier to use. Read on for some of the notable changes:

Additions & Changes:

  • New Jinja filter: regex_substring – this will search for a pattern, and return the result, rather than just True|False.
  • The st2 CLI will now display a note “there are more results” if you use the -n flag, and more items are available. This makes for a more consistent experience, and makes sure that you know that you’re not seeing all results. Previously we only displayed this message if you did not request any limit, or requested a higher number than the default (50).
  • You can now explicitly set stream_url using st2client and the st2 CLI.


More fixes, including a personal interest bug for me: proxies.

  • Pack installation now works out of the box with proxies. Check the docs for more details.
  • Pack install now works with private repos that don’t contain a .git suffix.
  • Another Unicode fix: this time it’s st2client displaying Unicode in pack descriptions.
  • API fixes: more checks to validate data. You always send properly formed data, so this won’t affect you, right? Right?

Full details in the Changelog.

Much love to those in our community who contributed with bug reports, issues and code. It means a lot to us.
Our current thinking is that we’ll have 2.3.3 release in the next few weeks. More bugfixes and minor cleanups, so don’t forget to log issues and/or vote on existing ones.

We’re also working on features for the next major release. Some WIP code is already available for Pack UI, Timezone support in st2web, st2.ask and Mistral pause & resume. Look for version 2.4 in September.


Packages are now available in apt and yum repos. Make sure you backup first, and check the upgrade notes, especially if you’re upgrading from pre-2.2. Make sure you check your packs for upgrades too. The community continues to enhance our packs, and system upgrades are also a good time to look at pack changes.

As always, if you run into any problems, get in touch via Slack or GitHub.