Introducing pack maintainers

March 15, 2017
by Edward Medvedev

The majority of StackStorm packs are created and submitted by our community. While we do code reviews and give advice, it is our users that helped us reach over 100 integrations.

But a lot of people do not just stop there. Even after submitting packs, they are continuously putting effort into keeping the codebase up to date, reviewing contributions, and helping others. This effort does not go unnoticed—and in the recent post about StackStorm Exchange we have announced that we will be granting pack maintainers full collaboration rights in the Exchange repositories. We are happy to introduce the first maintainers, together covering around 20 packs.


Packs: AlertLogic, CloudFlare, Duo, HP Enterprise ICSP, Networking Utils, OpsGenie, Orion, VMWare VSphere

The Pulsant team—Jon Middleton, Paul Mulvihill, and Grant Mitchell—have been StackStorm users and enterprise customers for several years now, and there’s not too many people who would have more experience with StackStorm integrations.

Among their contributions are integrations with VSphere and Duo Security—with the latter being featured in one of our Automation Happy Hour podcasts.

Anthony Shaw

Packs: Dimension Data, Yammer, OctopusDeploy, Cisco Spark, SignalR, Qualys, PowerPoint, Tesla

Anthony Shaw, Director of Innovation at Dimension Data, is mentioned in at least 20% of the posts in this blog. He contributed a wide variety of packs and integrations, from Cisco Spark to communicating with your Tesla car, and even hosted a spontaneous StackStorm User Group Meetup in London.

Watch Anthony talk DevOps at the recent Auto Remediation meetup.

Hiroyasu Ohyama

Packs: AWS

Hiroyasu is taking the helm of our AWS pack: the single largest pack we have, and one of the most widely used. If you’ve contributed to the AWS pack or kept track of issues and PRs, you have probably seen his comments—his expertise and continuous help with code reviews made this decision very easy.

For Hiroyasu’s team, StackStorm has replaced an in-house operations platform that was becoming less and less cost-effective as the company grew.

Lisa Bekdache

Packs: Datadog

Lisa is working in the Engineering Infrastructure Team at Dailymotion. She is the creator and maintainer of the Datadog integration pack with over 50 different actions, and a long-time StackStorm user along with her colleague, Carlos, who is a core StackStorm contributor.

The Dailymotion team is using StackStorm to automate routine actions, respond to monitoring alerts, and perform system upgrades over hundreds of bare-metal servers in production.


Packs: Kubernetes

The Bitesize team at Pearson is working on a Kubernetes PaaS, using StackStorm to integrate third-party services. They have come up with a way to generate a StackStorm pack with actions and sensors for most of the Kubernetes features: that’s an astounding 365 actions and 33 sensors to date!

To learn more about StackStorm with Kubernetes, watch the amazing Kubernetes integration with StackStorm talk by Peter Idah.

We feel humbled and very grateful to see so many people in the StackStorm community putting their precious time and effort into helping each other. In turn, we are committed to giving back and helping as much as we can—from providing community support and code reviews to building a platform that is easy to use and contribute to.

Love and hugs all around. ❤️️

Lastly, if you would like to submit a pack or help with maintaining a pack that is already featured in the Exchange, reach out to us in Slack!

— Ed