Brocade Acquisition FAQ

Directions and Roadmap

Q: What will happen with StackStorm open-source project?

A: No change: StackStorm automation platform will continue to be actively developed, and stays open-source under Apache 2.0. StackStorm Community product remains available as a free download.

Q: How will the transition affect StackStorm roadmap?

A: We will continue to (1) enhance the core StackStorm automation platform by the current roadmap and (2) to build cross-domain integration packs. Both solid event driven DevOps automation base product, and breadth and depth of integrations with wide variety of datacenter tools, products and cloud platforms are essential to Brocade.
In addition, we will focus on networking use cases, adding network specific integrations and automations on top of StackStorm core automation.

Q: Will the focus on networking mean less functionality for event-driven automation?

A: No. Networking automation is an extension of core automation platform to a specific domain. A stable, usable, performing platform, and rich set of cross-domain integration packs are as critical to Brocade network automation as to many other StackStorm applications, be it Continuous Deployment, Security, remediating Cassandra or ELK, IOT home automation or genome computation (hi project Arteria).

We encourage community to continue building diverse solutions on top of StackStorm IFTTT-like platform, and ensure you that with more future certainty and more resources the platform will serve a solid foundation for your use cases.

Q: What about ChatOps? StackStorm has been the first product implementing ChatOps out of box, will it continue?

A: We will continue to lead ChatOps space and build up our in-product support for it. We see ChatOps as a catalytic ingredient of DevOps; with Brocade direction to apply DevOps style automation to Networking, ChatOps remains a focal point in our product strategy. Stay tuned for some cool improvements in ChatOps.

Community and Customers

Q: What will happen to StackStorm community?

A: First we want to say thank you for your continued support and contributions – we couldn’t have done it without you!
The community remains to be critically important to us and we will continue to nurture and grow it. As you can see for yourself, we keep the level of efficient and responsive community support, which always differentiates StackStorm community.

Your contributions remain most welcome and appreciated. You want to talk and share with the world what you are doing with StackStorm or what kind of integration you have built? Get in touch with us and we will figure something out. You can join us a guest in one of our upcoming Automation Happy Hours (/community/) or publish a guest post on our blog.

Q: What will happen to StackStorm paying customers?

A: We continue to fulfill the obligations to the existing customers, provide access to Enterprise Edition and maintain outstanding level of commercial support. If you are the customer, you know that by now we have spoken to you, explained and answered your questions and hopefully addressed any concerns you had.

Enterprise Edition and Commercial Offerings

Q: What will happen with StackStorm Enterprise Edition?

A: Commercial offering of StackStorm Enterprise is suspended and not available for purchase. A free trial of StackStorm Enterprise remains available for download.

Q: Will a commercial offering of StackStorm be available in the future?

A: Yes. Brocade intends to re-create a commercial offering of StackStorm technology. The exact packaging, pricing and naming will have to be defined, that requires some time, please stay tuned.

Can I access and use Flow, RBAC, LDAP or other Enterprise Edition components?

Yes you can access all enterprise components via free trial download of StackStorm Enterprise. We will gladly grant a trial extension on request.

Q: Did you consider open-sourcing Flow, or other proprietary StackStorm components?

A: We are considering doing so as part of broader decision of what is included in commercial offering, but a decision haven’t been made yet, so we don’t know.

Q: How can I get support?

A: Free “best effort” community support is available, as usual, on Slack or via Gold & Platinum Enterprise support is no longer offered to new users.


Q: What happened with StackStorm team?

A: StackStorm engineering team has joined Brocade under the leadership of CTO and co-founder Dmitri Zimine. We miss our CEO and co-founder Evan Powell, who decided not to join Brocade but continues to be an active member of StackStorm open-source community.

As always, your comments are welcome on our Slack community.