StackStorm Gets Set for PyCon’s Development Sprints

April 1, 2015

by Tomaz Muraus

Python users and developers will be gathering April 10-16 in Montreal, Canada, to attend the PyCon 2015 conference, and StackStorm plans to be there in force. StackStorm will have a booth (#607) within the expo hall at the opening conference, the largest of its kind for Python users, as well as two developers at the PyCon Development Sprints hackathon immediately following, April 13-16.


We wrote our event driven automation platform almost entirely in Python, and continue to do really interesting things with it. Most recently, we created a several new integration packs, including:

  • A new Chef pack that has been merged into master and includes actions that allow you to install chef-client and run chef-solo on a remote node.
  • A Rackspace pack that includes new actions and functionality, such as the ability to assign metadata to a node, and retrieve nodes that contain particular metadata.
  • We’ve also completed integrations of Twilio, Sensu and a first version of Azure.


In fact, we’ve grown the number of integrations from 15 at our launch in November 2014 to more than 620 today, and we intend to work with the community to increase that figure to more than 1,000 by May 2015. Our integrations range from simple items a Linux admin may do several times a day to tying into large enterprise software packages.

Stackstorm makes it easy to execute integrations by readily working with your particular application or infrastructure. In effect, these integrations become your Legos.

Using our own box of Legos, we can write more integrations and arrange them into an interesting structure, as we did at the Rackspace::Solve conference earlier this month to highlight the use of StackStorm for autoscaling and continuous integration and continuous deployment.   We can also show how integrations can tie workflows together and invoke them, as well as how we can then manage them directly from our ChatOps.

At the PyCon Developers Sprint, we’ll show you how, in an automated fashion, to use our utilities to turn your Python scripts into action that, once inside of Stackstorm, can be combined into powerful workflows in a matter of minutes.

If you are attending PyCon, please stop by our booth (#607) and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about our product or project, and help you get started.

And please join us at the sprints where we can help you learn more about StackStorm and integrate it with applications, services or projects we don’t currently support. If you’re working on a Python program and attending PyCon and want to spin up an integration we can help you integrate with elastic, Ansible, Salt, and others.To catch up with us, check out our latest features and integrations via the StackStorm community web page, or sign up for our monthly newsletter.  

See you at PyCon!