Why StackStorm Is Sponsoring DevOps Enterprise

October 1, 2014

by Evan Powell

We’re looking forward to both attending and sponsoring the DevOps Enterprise Summit, which will take place on October 21-23 in San Francisco, CA.

While our product is currently in beta, sponsoring such a show is beneficial for a number of reasons:

1. Enterprise automation focus

StackStorm is working towards a vision of self-driving data centers, and in November we’ll be releasing our open source software that will bring users closer to that goal.

A majority of our current beta users are enterprises that are seeking to connect their existing pockets of automation in a DevOps-friendly way. As an example, this means they hope to extend the benefits of automation from continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) – the domain of DevOps Enterprise prime sponsor ElectricCloud – into every piece of building and operating software.

We believe a vast number of enterprises are struggling with pockets of automation and are faced with real challenges in managing, extending, and controlling their automation environments. Given that many of these enterprises will be attending the event, we expect great conversations to unfold.

2. Gene Kim

We are fans. In Gene’s talks and writings, including the Phoenix Project, he has been unafraid to call out the absurdities and irrationality of many IT environments. He’s helped all of us get our heads around why a DevOps approach is truly beneficial. When we heard Gene was helping to organize this event, we jumped at the opportunity.

Please stop by booth TT1, and join us for great discussions surrounding automation and operations – a subject we like to call “Day 2 DevOps.” We hope to see you there!