SF/SV OpenStack Meetup at StackStorm HQ

Automate all the Things! Nice motto – what options do we have in OpenStack?
Tuesday, October 14, 2014
6:30 pm – networking
7:00 pm – discussion begins

StackStorm HQ – AOL Auditorium
395 Page Mill Road
Palo Alto, CA

Let’s run through automation for OpenStack in all its forms. What are all the OpenStack related automation projects? Which ones are used most for infrastructure deployment? Which ones for workload deployment? Which ones are used in Day Two operations?

Our lead presenter will be the co-founder and CTO of StackStorm, Dmitri Zimine. Dmitri helps lead development of one of the OpenStack related automation projects that is currently emerging – Mistral. However this is *not* a sales pitch. Far from it, this is a true survey of Day 1 and Day 2 automation for OpenStack by an OpenStack insider.

Many if not most of these automation projects work well outside of pure OpenStack environments so even if you are not an OpenStack die hard – you may like this meet up. This survey will review which projects are OpenStack specific, which are mature, which have momentum and so forth.

The data comes from many, many discussions with OpenStack operators, participation in OpenStack operators forums and from meet-ups like this one. Dmitri’s background includes running engineering at one of the leaders of the prior wave of operations automation, Opalis, now owned by Microsoft, as well as a number of years helping to lead vSphere engineering at VMware. He *really* knows automation and is an unbiased and forceful advocate for projects that actually work, don’t suck, and contribute to “Automating all the Things.”

Please come with an open mind and also, if you’d like, with an opinion about which OpenStack related automation project is your favorite and which one just seems like a waste of code 🙂

The 395 Page Mill facility is one of the nicer office buildings in Palo Alto and is also the West Coast home of AoL as well as being the former Agilent headquarters. There is plenty of parking, Caltrain is 5-6 minutes away – and so is California Avenue. While the auditorium we will be using is a nice one, it is not ginormous. *We will cap attendance at 40*. StackStorm will provide refreshments and tasty snacks.