[Press Release] StackStorm Leads Third Wave Of Operations Automation Delivering DevOps Best Practices To Enterprises

May 6, 2014

Team with deep expertise in automation and strong advisory board will focus on creating new generation of SaaS for self-driving data centers

Palo Alto, CA – StackStorm, a software company leading the third wave of operations automation, today emerged from stealth mode to introduce a private beta program for the company’s first product. Focused on delivering the increased productivity of DevOps approaches to a broader market, StackStorm’s vision – and how it defines the third wave of operations automation – is to make self-driving data centers that learn how to operate more efficiently. StackStorm is currently focused on enterprises deploying OpenStack.

“Succeeding in DevOps approaches to operations is critically important and yet extremely challenging,” said Mike Kavis, analyst at The Virtualization Practice. “Done right, DevOps leads to a step function improvement in operational efficiency and in the ability to meet the real needs of IT users. StackStorm’s vision of automating the automators, improving the ability to create and manage operations automations, is a leap in the right direction for DevOps to be more broadly adopted.”

Improving visibility and productivity for DevOps
StackStorm software leverages existing configuration management and monitoring solutions to deliver operations automation that ties together loosely coupled, heterogeneous cloud infrastructures with simple to use and powerful logic. These sophisticated capabilities provide the ability for users to tie together multiple automations or actions.

“Making operations automation transparent, trusted and scalable makes a world of difference to companies looking to develop, deploy and operate software defined data centers,” said Evan Powell, CEO of StackStorm. “The world’s top cloud infrastructure operators are 10-100x more productive than the average operator thanks in part to homemade operations automation like Facebook’s FBAR. We built StackStorm to deliver exactly this kind of software and productivity boost to the broader market.”

Founded by proven infrastructure executives
StackStorm was co-founded by Evan Powell and Dmitri Zimine. Most recently founding CEO of Nexenta Systems, Powell led the transformation of the storage industry towards a software defined future and achieved an excess of $350 million in partner sales. Prior to Nexenta, Powell was founding CEO of performance management software company Clarus Systems, now owned by Riverbed Technologies.

Most recently, Zimine was director of R&D, cloud infrastructure at VMware. Prior to VMware, he was senior director of engineering and chief architect at Opalis, where he helped lead the first wave of operations. Opalis was purchased by Microsoft and is now one of the world’s most broadly deployed operations automation solutions, now known as System Center Orchestrator. Zimine also led development efforts at VMware on vSphere.

StackStorm’s advisory board includes the VP of cloud infrastructure at eBay/PayPal, Ryan Granard, noted DevOps speaker and technical operation engineer at GitHub, James Fryman, and the director of platform, Workday, Carmine Rimi, as well as noted former product and company leaders from VMware and Opalis (Microsoft).

“I am impressed with StackStorm’s team and vision. The future of IT Operations and Service Delivery requires a rock-solid infrastructure that is automated and has the agility to adapt to ever changing business requirements. By bringing in proven workflows from Web Scale Operations in OpenStack and other heterogeneous environments, StackStorm enables this vision and further lowers the barrier to entry for cross-functional collaboration and delivery across the stack,” said James Fryman, technical operations, GitHub.

“Software that is operated and automated at scale by operations automation software is eating the world,” said Dmitri Zimine, co-founder and CTO at StackStorm. “At Opalis we helped lead the first, pre-virtualization, wave of operations automation. DevOps has led to the third wave of operations automation, surpassing the second wave, the automation of virtualization. We look forward to doing our part to enable broad adoption of DevOps best practices, and bringing the third wave of operations automation to the enterprise.”

StackStorm will be exhibiting in booth E26 at the OpenStack Summit taking place in Atlanta, May 12-16. CEO Evan Powell will also be presenting “Automate the Automators: StackStorm’s Vision for Self-Driving Data Centers” on May 12 at 4:40 pm in the demo theater.

StackStorm software is available via a private, invitation-only beta. Interested users can request an invitation at: www.stackstorm.com/beta.

Supporting Resources
• Company Blog (www.stackstorm.com/blog)
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• Twitter: @Stack_Storm (https://twitter.com/Stack_Storm)
• Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/stackstormdevops)
• LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/stackstorm)

About StackStorm
StackStorm is an emerging leader of the third wave of operations automation. Built from the ground up with DevOps in mind, StackStorm’s vision is a world of self-driving data centers that learn over time how to better operate themselves. StackStorm solutions leverage existing configuration management and monitoring solutions to deliver automation that safely ties together today’s loosely coupled, heterogeneous, ever changing cloud infrastructures. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.


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