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StackStorm at SRECon Dublin 2017

The Event: 30th August – 1st September 2017, SRECon EMEA 2017, Dublin, Ireland

Event organiser: Usenix

Site Reliability Engineering is very much the natural evolution of the trusted system administrator and most would agree the SRE role embodies the core principles of DevOps. Google consider these people consultative and of huge value. Software for the masses has changed from monolithic monsters to complex architectures, driving the adoption of new skill sets required for system administrators to evolve to an SRE. It’s no longer about restarting large services at 3am; it’s about keeping the cattle alive and producing milk, whilst at the same time ensuring that the machinery is understood and utilised correctly. This could mean writing custom components to help with performance, availability, telemetry, reporting, managing workloads and dealing with alerts etc. For this gathering of SREs, Usenix chose the location and venue well. Ireland is a techhub for many start-ups and established organisations, most if not all have SREs under employment. Some 600+ people were booked in to the event, with huge attendance from the likes of Demonware, Facebook, Google and Indeed. Many smaller organisations and individuals were also in attendance to gain from the experience of others.


Perspectives on Optimizing Operations & Learnings from Monitorama-5/24 (Por­tland, OR)

WHEN: Wednesday, May 24, 2017

WHERE: BridgePort Brewpub, 1313 NW Marshall St, Portland, OR


StackStorm at Monitorama 2017 (Portland)

StackStorm at Monitorama 2017 

StackStorm is a silver sponsor of Monitorama 2017, and we- along with our great panel from LinkedIn, Sensu, and VictorOps- are looking forward to sharing with you key insights from the show–and to help you build a map for leveraging auto-remediation to optimize your operations.

Wondering how to start your automation journey and which tasks you should automate first? Or have you started to automate, and are wondering how to take your automation to the next level?

StackStorm at SRECon17 (Booth 16)

Catch us at the sold out SRECon17 Americas event at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. We’ll be at booth #16 ready for your questions, suggestions, and to share our latest integrations. The event runs from March 13 through March 14. See you there!

Dec 8th Auto-Remediation Meetup: Optimizing Operations with Event Driven Automation at Dimension Data

Hi Everyone! It’s time to get together for another great evening to share our latest learnings around Auto Remediation and Event Driven Automation!

We have a very special guest–all the way from Australia! Anthony Shaw is responsible for innovation of Dimension Data global data-centers–and he has lots to say about DevOps, and innovative ways to tackle tough Enterprise challenges. READ MORE…

Connecting The Future: Event Driven Automation for Cross Domain Workflows. StackStorm and Brocade Workflow Composer at VmWorld 2016

August 27, 2016
by Chip Copper

I’ve seen it over and over again.

A user puts in a simple request. Nothing elaborate or unusual – just a standard request. It goes into the queue, generates a ticket, and then… nothing.

Days or weeks later, an overworked, tired engineer in the back office operations room finally gets to the request, opens a process document, and begins the laborious task of doing the same thing that he or she has done dozens of times before each time that this type of request comes in. Ok, maybe the IP address or the user name has changed, but the process is the same as it has always been. And it is slow. Very slow. And the engineer may make a mistake. And, quite frankly, it’s frustrating for the user and boring for the engineer.READ MORE…

Summary – Brocade Workflow Composer at NFD 12

August 23, 2016
by Yousuf Hasan

We had a great afternoon with the NFD team as we walked them through our vision, design principles and demos of the Brocade Workflow Composer. We had productive discussions and got good, candid feedback. Caffeine and sugar kept everyone’s critical abilities to the max. There’s 4 separate video sessions…here’s what happened:


Automation Happy Hour #14 – StackStorm and Network Automation

It’s time for our next Automation Happy Hour, the first one as part of Brocade.

This is a chance for us to introduce a couple of new team members and dive even deeper into the topic of network automation.

Take a listen to hear about Brocade’s roadmap for network automation via StackStorm. If you want to automate your network and integrate with other domains using devops, this session is for you. Come and see how the network can benefit from devops-style automation.

Automation Happy Hour #13 – Automation, ChatOps, and Security

This time, we’re bringing in Jon Middleton of Pulsant. He’s a contributor in the StackStorm Community and one of the foremost experts on the topic.

The Brief History of ChatOps at StackStorm (and How We Got Here)

February 25, 2016
by Evan Powell

These days ChatOps has become all the rage. In this blog I’ll talk a little bit about how we came to be here – in a leading position when it comes to ChatOps adoption for operations. And I’ll point you to some resources from users and our own engineers to learn more.

The history lesson will be brief, I promise.

We started StackStorm after observing that existing solutions in the devops universe were generally point solutions, often evolved from scripts and other projects that DevOps engineers wrote to make their own lives easier. And that’s a great way to build a solution that appeals at least to those types of users for those specific use cases.


What we saw was that while there were leaders within certain segments amongst those tools, there was no clearly adopted pattern for the wiring that tied all these tools together. Moreover, with our backgrounds in enterprises we knew that wiring together extremely heterogeneous environments is always a challenge. The enterprise is more a brownfield than a greenfield.

A quick shout out to teams at Facebook and at WebEx Spark and all those other early interviewees that taught us so much about event driven automation. And if you want to join a non commercial Bay Area meet-up about the subject and hear speakers from organizations like Facebook and LinkedIn and Netflix, please join here: READ MORE…

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